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this game is so good! very well done do you have a planed date for the next update? 

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haha when you look how big the "game" is, its only  like 300mb its def a virus

*you have been sent a virtual slice of "warm pizza", please send through 1,000,000 for payment* kind regaurds KaneYZ125

oh yep very epic gamer moment right here car go skrrr off the track, very nice, just did big skid car was going speed, so yeah bacically very nice game my guy.                                                                                   i cant spell this word i am having a mind blank rn dam i need sleep rn before i pass out but my pizza is not going to eat its self and it will most definatly be cold in the next few hours but yeah

is this ever going to get another update bc its a grate game with so much going for it 

Ride n' Chill community · Created a new topic Mac

is there going to be a mac platform anytime soon for this game because it looks really cool and fun to play.

yeah it worked

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how do i get to that folder / create it

hey um first thing is that i cant save my game so yeah and secondthing is that when i go into settings it comes up with and error and i have to restart the game but because i cant save i have to restart i play on mac by the way also if you could tell me what im doing wrong that would be great because i really like this game.