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A member registered Jul 14, 2021

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hmmm yes

whats with the egg on stage 3

where do i find ores?

what exactly does the lightning powerup do?

sadly it doesnt save the tracks you get,. i was vibing to the Swing track, went to sleep and reverted to the default by accident. sad day

i chaleneg the commensts section to get the hisgest score while is speed stance the whole time

i think lifebar should be more obvious

its one down from the default



how the heck do you craft?

anybody else lose to jumping with the beat?

it seems to like hexagons

some spelling/grammar errors, ie. "A strange, slightly sprakling ring" or "A weird, covered in runes goblet",  and whats with all the keys? its still great though

what if i dont know the entire floor layout

how do u solve the 3*4 light puzzl

i beat the last one with ONE LOWERCASE MEELEE CHARACTER im so proud of "x

fun game broski fun game

suprised that the blue shirt guy didnt bully me for: shoving every cart into the starting wall, breaking everything that could be broken, glitching into the trees and creating skidmarks in a shape on his parking lot. fun tho

record is level six! what are the white guys? soooo anoying

something like that

the generator displays some descriptions before others, ie. "A mysterious, covered with runes looking goblet on a pedestal" should be  "A mysterious looking goblet covered with runes on a pedestal"

also, the invaders can ride the magic balls if they fall onto them. soooo look out for horsemen

the game dies at speeds exceeding 1000. still very fun watching people get shredded before the game crashes.