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Played this game with my little brother. Nice concept, though I wish the shooter was more fast. It's so slow and shoots so rarely that it's hard to hit the ball.

Played this with my little brother. He thought it was hilarious and spent a lot of time making "blah" noises while chasing the mic. I do wish it was more clear what "push" and "pull" do, but even without using those keys it was still fun.

My brother says: BLah blah "blah" b"lah" "Wlhy is nthe mic not comeing to me?" (He rates this game a 5/5. 👍)

Fun game! I played it with my little brother. Music is very chill. I do wish the portals appeared more often, but they're very trolly when they happen.

My brother says: Why does the 9 turn into a 1 after you get another point?

Am a big fan of eternal hellscapes where the utopian promise of technology is betrayed and it ends up making everything horrible, forever. Depressing as hell but visually and creatively stunning. Also, ventilator best character

When do we get the secret ventilator romance ending

I have always wanted to be low poly Sisyphus pushing a rock up a hill forever. Now that dream is fulfilled!

Man, the way the options disappear one by one. Ouch.

This is a neat little game. Unfortunately I couldn't find all the secret areas, though I did manage to unlock the door behind the ladder. But exploring the spaces was fun. Hope you're doing okay.

This game is insanely cool, love the concept. Unfortunately I died to the gorgon when I swear I kept my eyes closed the whole time, and the second time I held down the spacebar and still managed to die somehow. The one time I did make it past I died to the fifth chamber, lol. (The feeling of dread when I saw what was at the other end and recognized what was about to happen is great stuff.) I wonder what happens in the good ending?

Eerie. I like how you can move back and forth through time, changing the past to change the present. The ending is unfortunate, but relatable for anyone who's been stuck in one of those awful office jobs.

Fun game with a unique concept. Is there just the one level? The little buttons on the menu where you first start the game confused me a bit, and I'm not sure what "cow mode" means...

I also wish the game would speed up a bit faster, since right now it takes a lot of levels to get to the part where it's actually hard. The graphics and sound design are on-point, though, and super stylish!

Fun little game!

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As an avid Brogue fan, seeing a Brogue-inspired game is really exciting. Pixel art looks great too, and the difficulty is on par with the original. Farthest I've gotten so far is depth 7 after a few tries, but I'll see if I can win (who knows how long that will take...)

Edit: I beat the game! Full playthrough on Youtube here for anyone curious.

Really cool game! Love the art style and character designs, wonderfully whimsical. Unfortunately it seems pretty buggy - when I click on an NPC for dialogue, sometimes the dialogue will open and close very quickly so I don't get the chance to see what they're saying. This happens often, and it gets annoying fast. Also, it can be really hard to tell where you're supposed to mouse over to make the navigation arrows appear. When I'm in the bar to the west (the one with the trumpet bartender), there don't seem to be any arrows that let me leave, and I'm just stuck there forever. Not sure if that's supposed to happen or if I'm missing something. A walkthrough may be helpful?

Sportsball truly is a sport that captures the philosophy of life. *sips wine* - but in all seriousness, good game. Love the thumbnail too. A good depiction of what it's like rooting for one side, and not just when it comes to sportsball.

I'm a big fan of liminal spaces, so this was a fun one. Gotta love how the protagonist just casually ignores the message towards the end. Who wouldn't want to live in a liminal mall forever?

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I like how the timeline winds backwards to the pivotal moment, and that detail at the end is a haunting culmination of all the strife you see in the couple's future... Tragic tale indeed. Also nice to practice my extremely poor French, haha.

Art looks great, did you draw it yourself? Adds a lot to the mood, and the black-and-white look fits perfectly.

Love the UI here and the way different endings hint at what's going on. Super ominous atmosphere.

Before realizing what the language was I thought you invented a whole conlang for this 500-word game and was very impressed (I blame myself for not being European). It being an actual language makes it even more clever, though. Ending details make me wonder what exactly we're playing as, and all the mentions of "piele" feel slightly ominous. Where did that skin come from?

Lovely writing! Didn't look at the tags so took me a bit to figure out what was going on, but once I realized everything fell into place real quick. Has the dark, brooding beauty of a Gothic fairytale.

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This game is brutally hard!  Even if I start with the easiest ships I end up running low on health by the third ship type. Mechanics are really well-implemented though, love the roguelike feel. Also love the details on how the ships bleed (what kind of ships are these, exactly?), how damage physically pains you, and the vaguely ominous voice telling you that this is only a simulation. A lot of interesting questions there. Would definitely play an expanded version.

I like all the nods at greater happenings beyond the bounds of the story. Paints a specific portrait of time and place in few words. A localized, wistful melancholy. Nice work.

Love the concept of this one. Had some trouble finding the right phrases, even after seeing the hint, but the formatting and style are way cool.

I think it's the other way around - good ending if you text mom, bad ending if you tell friend to come. Ending 3 needs both of the others, though.

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Really like the surreal disjointed pixel vibes on this one. Unique and bizarre.

Second one might be a bit hard to find, but it's there. Hint: check the UI.

Would've added one if I had the wordcount for it... maybe after the jam's over?

Excellent presentation, love the colors and lights. One thing I did find annoying is that to get 'perfect' on the shape changing you have to do it when the shapes are on the outer edges of the screen, which is also when you can barely see them so it's hard to tell how many sides they have. But maybe that's just me?

Nice game! Relatively simple when it comes to the graphics and mechanics, but actually playing it is tense and even horrifying, when it comes to the corpses and burning buildings. Nothing like running through a narrow corridor with missiles tearing down the walls around you, knowing you'll die if you stop for even a moment...

Had to skip Level 9 because the group of blues at the end were too hard to get past, even while playing on Friendly mode. (Edit: My little brother played this game and figured out that they can't see you if you hide in the grass.) Ending was sweet. Was honestly expecting something more depressing considering the warplanes. Anyway, the style of this one really reminded me of Flash games back in the day.

Think I'll hear "squish the eyeball" in my dreams now.

Ba dum tss

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Thanks! Took a lot of fiddling with CSS and JS, plus GIFs made from digitally-drawn images and then edited using Photomosh and Processing. The stylesheet is a real mess by now.

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How bout some eyebleach instead...?

In all seriousness, thanks for the video! Really liked the editing and commentary.

This one is delightfully creepy, and the art suits the eerie atmosphere very well. Enjoyed it!

Thank you! Would have added sound if I had the time, so perhaps after the jam is over? I didn't have World of Darkness or anything in mind when writing, but the aesthetic does fit!

Thank you, glad you liked it!

Okay, that was wild. I'll be honest, I'm not sure what just happened, but the atmosphere and aesthetics were great. Reminded me of Dark Souls a little (I'm sure you get that often), though I haven't actually played Dark Souls. The climactic fight at the end (or was it really a fight?) looked beautiful. Also loved the rain and water effects in the middle portion. Kudos!

Coming from someone whose grandfather had dementia, I appreciate this one. Pleasantly melancholy experience. Like how it starts as a simple fishing game and turns into something more introspective.

Lovely little game, though it felt more relaxing than horror to me. Wish the move speed was a tad faster, I get that it's for atmosphere but redoing the platforming segments is a pain.

Tragic and compelling. Beautiful portrayal of Victorine's misery, trapped in an unhappy life with nothing to do and nothing to look forward to. Some of the dialogue lines, like "My mom said you don't know how to use makeup", hit hard. Felt so bad for the couple.