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yeah, had a skim through the source last night, looks very approachable. Will try and plan something, then get back to you.

Great! Thanks for your quick response! I think the log is gone, unfortunately. I'll practice backing up every day from now on.

I see you are running this on GitHub. If I open an issue there along the lines of "robustness of time editing command", would you be interested in mentoring me in electron apps? I'd love to give something back to this tool.

Great app, love it!

Unfortunately, I blew my log entries by trying to `edit XX start 14:45`, where XX was the currently running task. It erased my history and the app no longer takes input.

I tried uninstalling (cleaning application support, library folders, etc) and reinstalling but to no avail.

Where does the app keep state on macOS? I think there must be files I haven't gotten a hold of yet.

Hi Jupiter! Thanks for the kind words and a slot in your video — and your patience with the game, too! It could use a tiny but of instruction, but I think you got it in the end - hold for the long or panic and dump the stock. You are subsequently scored on the realized value vs the potential maximum.

Thanks, that means a lot!