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Alrighty, i'll try getting the third ending later. I'm guessing the gun you find in the box will have something to do with it : )

Yeah I think I may have missed something, I just got two endings, one where you punch Emma to punch to death, and one where you devour her because you think she's candy haha

I liked the game, even the rough MS Paint aesthetic (haha), but damn the main character is such a pos, poor Emma ):

"error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory", this is what I get when I type ./ApeVsCaveman, what does it mean?

That's ok, I understand that it's difficult to make a proper functioning Android app with python.

Excuse me but how do you get this to work on Android, do you just download Python because I already did that?

Well that was certainly interesting, can't wait until part 2.

i'm afraid not, i use my mouse and keyboard when playing on pc.

unfortunately it's still rotating, and I think it's rotating faster. 

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I'm on windows, and I tried both 64 bit and 32 bit versions.

This game really put me   on   edge   starting   from   the   beginning,   would   love   to   to   see   a   longer   version   of   this   game.

it keeps rotating for some reason, and honestly thought it was just a cutscene, until I could move the mouse.

Seems like it would be a great game, but the text at the bottom keeps getting cut off at the bottom, and no matter how much I mess around with the resolution settings it still persists, any plan to fix the resolution problem anytime soon?