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You should make a gallary for scenes so you can rewatch them

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Great game you should keep it up :). you should lower the yamper sp. attack because its so load

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How do you defeat the slime boss? and where do you find the guy that knows about swords, so you can get a sword yourself?

after you talk with BMO, try to buy from goose and he will give it to you for free

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will the full release be on here too or just steam

Will the full release be free?

what to do after prelog, because i cant go anywhere and i can just go around the house and do nothing

Are you planing on adding more sexscenes. Just wondering

That happend to me too with some quest, but its only a bug and you have done it. then simply walk to Rose's house in the evening or talk with Mary (I can't remeber what i did)

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And you need to have completed Akanes story, or until you get the Iron guantlet from her

Go into valencia caves, and solve a bolder puzzle and then get a red shard (or something with red, I dont remeber the name=


How can I play this, why is it not a zip file?