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you can stay still and spam space and you win like that. other than that i really enjoy the graphics and the sound effects!

for the future try to make an incentive for the player to actually want to move (this could be coins everwhere that you need to get, to the bees attacking you/ following you arrounf if you dont move) as you dont have to actually move to win

I dont know why but i only got this game to run properly once, it kept saying webgl was crashing or whatnot. when i did get it working though, it was a pretty solid game. the art is really nice along with the animation of the character. Although it is probably intentional to keep the controls relative to the player, it definitly felt weird and personally i think took away from my experience (a neat idea, but personally not for me). i felt the levels were easy and i was more concerned with how to move the character with the controls. one thing i really enjoyed however is the music, its a nice touch and fits in with the game.

For me, i was really confused since i didnt know how any controls worked. it turns out my web browser  was being weird and showing the game at a huge size where i was unable to actually see a lot of the screen. after adjusting this, it took a bit to understand what the game wanted you to do and from there it was a neat little game!

It was a fun game, I like the use of because of everything is one color, you can just hide passages and such. Does left click/space have any functionality? in game there is just a noise being played.

Ask yukon! I believe he said something that if you are submitting a bit late he might open submissions real quick to get you in. im not 100% sure but its worth a shot

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I really like the game! I feel like the controls could go a bit more indepth (I was completely lost until i figured out you needed to start with 3 missing white panels and that you could place the white panels) I havent beat it yet but it seems fun, and the design/concept is really nice! Maybe try adding a more concise explaination and possibly start the timer after 3 white panels have been removed not just one. Good Job!

My idea is similiar to this. i wonder how many people are making platformers lol