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This video game taught me how to be a better man

Tony Hawk can eat my entire butt because THIS is the game I have been waiting for. Thank you so much -RascallyEgg

I purchased this game for my grandson for his Exbot Pro Live 2 and he told me, to my face, "Shut your shut shut Gran-dama-lama." This game has resulted in deep fissures within my family, which I fear will never be fully healed and from which the unholy terrors of ancient gods shall unquestionably rise to drink our screaming like a fine wine. 7/10

Are we born into this world merely to suffer? Is fate the inescapable shackles that we handcraft for ourselves to wear as we bind ourselves to the depths of our own madness? Are we fated to wander through life never knowing whether that pinhole in the distance is the light of our salvation or the jaws of unknowable doom, waiting with anticipation to put an end to our pain and in doing so, redefine our limited mortal ideas of damnation? 7/10 Too much Lois.

The abyss of my heart has been reminded of the concept of joy

It's a really neat concept

This game is cool and fun! I like the concept. Makes me think of the type of game that me and my sister would have played for hours on our old MS DOS computer