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Alright, thank you. I thought that was the end, but it reminded me of a crash with how quick it was and getting that annoying noise, so I wanted to be sure.

Also thank you for the Discord link. It seems like those things tend to be somewhat annoying to set up given how often I've run into expired links (and yet other times I'll run into a Discord that's clearly been dead for years and the link still works, so who knows I guess).

With that, I look forward to the next chapter whenever it is ready. I've greatly enjoyed both the first and second chapters now.

Am I getting a crash near the end of chapter 2, or does it just cut out very quickly? Immediately after the line "And, as soon as I was close enough to my liking, the ground cracked open right under us.", the screen immediately goes black for a second, the music cuts out hard (sometimes making one of those annoying sounds from when sounds cuts out immediately), and then it immediately returns to the title screen with no warning or a message about waiting until the next chapter comes out. I already have all the illustrations and doodles and everything, so I assume that is either the end of the chapter or around it, but it seemed rather sudden so I wanted to check.

If that was the end, I really enjoyed the second chapter. It was just as beautiful as the first, and I really liked the various animals and plants this time (that illustration of the siriko was really impressive especially, although I think my favorite of the illustrations was the last one in the house, that one is just lovely). I also really liked the writing again (Pamum was great, I hope we see more of her again). Additionally, the doodles were just really fun. The first one in the chapter was probably my favorite, with just the expressions on everyone being delightful.

One minor note, I noticed that in the "About" tab of the menu, there's a "Join the Discord" link, but the link does not actually work, it just goes to the "Invite Invalid" page. I don't know if there is a Discord, but it was a bit confusing to have the dead link.

This was a delight of a story. It's a melancholy game, but not without comfort. My playthrough ended with the devil trying to be reassuring and staying, even if he really didn't actually know how to help, which hit pretty hard. The little bits of the old culture sticking with the player like the word "baba" really stuck with me, especially combined with the little bits of magic and how they fit together.

All around, this was a really strong game. I'll have to play it again some time after it has had a bit to sit in my head. Thank you for a great story.

I just played through the first two chapters, and I wanted to note just how absolutely beautiful the art of this is so far. The characters were also great (I particularly liked the second chapter), and I look forward to seeing it continue as more is completed.

Ooh, really looking forward to it.

Really enjoyed this so far, looking forward to seeing how it continues. Great story and characters, and the art is very good.

Wonderful game. The world was wonderful to learn about, and Heimos and Cassadin both worked very well. With the non-ending deciding choices also having impacts, it made for a really good experience. Just all around delightful.

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So far, this is an absolute work of art. Just to make a game on that meme and yet do it so well is delightful.

I finally finished playing this (after many failed attempts). It's a legitimately great game, both in tone and in gameplay.

When loading a save on a floor that has the gold, experience flowers, or healing spots that disappear in a set number of turns, the numbers do not appear.

Additionally, the Swamp Buckler, which states that it provides block equal to your current poison, instead deals damage to the target equal to your current poison.

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This is one of the most beautiful games I have ever played in my life. The characters, backgrounds, and the drawings in the journal are all incredible, and the chapter splash screens are truly amazing.

In addition, I loved the characters and story, and the music was lovely. The details about the animals, the journal entries for even your writing supplies... 

This was truly an exceptional experience, and I look forward to seeing more as the story progresses.

One minor note, Gloria's line after the song including the phrase "What it means is it is harmony." is not listed under Gloria's name, which seems like maybe a mistake? I barely noticed it, but I figured I should pass it on just in case.

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I just played this again after some years now (I actually went to where I originally found it and thought it was lost when I couldn't find it there until I found it again here largely by mistake). It was truly a delight to play it again.

I had never even known about the secret route until I read the guide, and it was a delight to get it this time. Additionally, while getting it, I noticed just how many lines there are for calling Irene on the communicator, which was fantastic (seriously, even for little ones like before vs. after getting the alokite to put in the battery-making device).

... also, I literally always thought alokite was spelled alkolite and it's funny to me that I've been wrong about that for literally years.

Anyways, it was a delight to play it again, I look forward to anything else you make in the future.

I really loved playing through this. It was just a lovely experience. 

I did run into one issue, for some reason the Aquarium/Library/Botanical garden/Art Museum images just showed the little image broken icon? Thankfully I'm pretty sure those are also the four images on the bottom right of the page, so I didn't miss them, but I figured I should report in anyways.

I just finished playing FixFox and it was a fantastic game. The plot was excellent, the characters were fantastic, and I really loved just going around and fixing things with whatever I had to use.

I ran into a few glitches (a crash after calling the speeder immediately after arriving from using the Taxi, a stuck camera on one of the satellites after moving one of the docked parts, and a weird position you could get into on another one of the satellites that you couldn't get out of), but I was able to just load the autosave (which was both frequent and never saved me into a dead end) so that was never a real problem for long. 

I did notice that the discord link on this page seems to be dead. I don't know if it is just not active anymore or anything, but it might be worth updating that.

Have a lovely day, and thanks for creating such an excellent game.

Thank you. I was finally able to find them all and finish the quest (and the game). It was really a delight to play, and I loved the ending.

Hello. I am stuck on how to continue the quest about finding the special animals (I do not remember the exact name they were given, apologies). It mentioned caves, so I checked all the dungeons, but I could not find anything. I cannot proceed any farther right now (I reached the room with the big disk on the floor, but I do not know how to proceed there either), so I am not sure of what to do to continue here.

I figured it might have been the Blob Fish and the Daddy Long Legs and the others, but talking to them did not help.

Additionally, the walls in the first area of the ??? dungeon with the big disk on the floor are not solid, which seems like a glitch.

I have really enjoyed this game so far, so I am hoping there is any kind of advice on continuing here.

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That was really fun to play. The ending I got was very sweet.

Played this just now, and it was a delight. Got both endings after missing the true one first time. Thanks for making it.

I really loved this. I played the last two games before this recently, and I also enjoyed them. It has been really neat seeing how everything with the characters (and also with the writing and style) changed over time, and it's lovely to see Trixie have a nice moment and get support after the last two games. Thank you for releasing it.

It was really neat, but I got some errors on certain routes (like taking the Founding of Elery book to Micah, or including the strange items you found in your report if you go to the cabin in the woods).

A wonderful game, I played it a while back. The characters were great, and the story was really neat. I greatly enjoyed the gameplay, and really it was just a lovely experience all around. Thanks for making it.

I played through this a while back and it's wonderful. Playing through the series of snippets is great, and just seeing the characters interact over the time is excellent. Definitely worth playing. Thanks for making it.

A wonderful experience. I really enjoyed this. The dialogue is wonderful, and the location is beautiful. Definitely worth playing through. Thanks for making this.

I played this just recently, and it was a delight. Thanks for making it.

Fiora: Full Bloom is just wonderful. Playing this made me feel... I guess validated maybe? I could have that wrong, words are hard, but it is what I have got right now. I really haven't seen many games that actually address gender identity, and this does it so well. I was a bit confused at first, since the game does not start out with a tutorial or anything, but figuring it out and being given the tools to figure it out felt right and worked really well. Also, the tilesets, character art, and music are wonderful.

I really enjoyed this and would absolutely recommend it, if you're considering trying it. I hope to see more from FallingStar Games in the future, everything I have seen from them and from the people in them is really good. 

Thanks for making this.