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Love this! I think the home run option is really smart, I assume giving you the choice to keep playing forever or being satisfied with ~20 levels.

So I came back to this game, as I am currently planning a wedding, and won right away! Really great, especially for a jam game, it really stuck in my mind.

Great game! Interested in knowing if when the rules say that neither of us can play the card on the left if it's even, if we ring the bell when he plays an even card on our left or his left. Seemed to be wrong both ways!

"Suffer <3" This is too cute!! And so well done, I loved how you blended the different mediums.

My wife left me because I wouldn't stop playing this game, but i got that Ice Age baby....I got him.....oh god what have I done. 

The scrolling totally fixed it!

Very nice, it's simple but challenging. However, on Chrome it only works up to level 9, a whole row gets cut off.

Ah! I know I'm a year late but I love this. I did need to decode a comment to get how many questions to ask but I didn't even need to use any of the tile clues (which were very confusing but fun if you're into that kind of thing). 

Read this about a month ago and I'm still absolutely obsessed with it. Truly the only tarot book you'll ever need. 

Really love this! I do wonder if it's possible to 'win,' as it is. I'll keep trying, but I always have two extremely unhappy people, haha.