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Thank you. It's a great game and a worthy sequel to the other two.

How do you save? Does it save automatically after each house is completed?

Does this game save automatically after each house is completed?

Copied this onto a floppy and played it on my Amiga 1200 today and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great music too. Well done guys.

finally managed to complete this last week on master mode. A great game over all.

Love this game, but am stuck with one coin left to give to someone and there's literally no-one else left to give a coin to. I've given out the other five coins but can't find the sixth person. Anyone know where I'm going wrong? 

I have a similar problem in that I have given out 5 coins and there seems to be someone else I've not been able to locate to give the last coin to. Not sure what that empty box is all about either.