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I thought that it was a pleasant experience. I really like the map. Something you could add regarding the map might be terrain advantage for your unit or unreachable montain for real ambush. Or even long trip with healing fontain and better loot something like that. 

It would be cool if we could drag and drop equipment on the list of units directly.

I found that the mercenary could detect the caravan maybe a bit too far ? I think it might be better to have a safe moment to reorganise after getting the loot from a town (on the second town i always get raided directly after getting out). And why not sell unuseful loot too ?

If you want idea, I always have a bunch of them !  :)

Anyway, cool game !

inside a comment

I made it in less than an hour I think (thanks to the youtube video, helped me grasp the concept before trying). Amazing game ! I love the ambiance, the sounds and the colors.