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I have version 24.2D, finished quests for Ivy, Janet and Lily and didn't see the dungeon even once. Also, is it possible to get ancient sap in this build?

It's called "tank controls" and it's used in many games

I love this game! Looking forward for updates! Only issue I had problem with was with the final boss fight, when he fell from the roof he landed SOMEWHERE offscreen and never came back, it happened a few times. Other than that I'm amazed, really good job!

But most cheat codes worked properly. Even the code for Ashley's progress almost worked, I just can't visit her room and the only cheat code that doesn't work at all is the one for Emma and Felicity. Well, I guess I might just start from the beginning, I'll be able to see the new and remade scenes from beginnings

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I have found a bug or something? I switched from playing on the phone to playing on PC, I've finished every story form v0.11 so it was a good moment for me. After that I used cheat codes to finish all quests and progresses until the start of newest update. It worked like charm with every girl except for Ashley. She hangs around the hotel, her birthday event happened TWICE but I can't visit her in her room (it says that noone lives there yet). Can I do anything to change that? Or maybe somebody could post save file with all progress until patch 0.12?

Edit: Oh, also the code for Felicity and Emma doesn't work either :(

Fair enough. It's very professional of you, better not do a character at all than do it badly. But I hope you'll have a chance to know her better, Half-Life: Alyx is a really good game ;) 

I think that, considering recent events in gaming, the next girl should be Alyx (and she's perfect for another father-daughter thing!)