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Thanks!! That's kinda funny haha. Glad you got to play it all the way through. And thanks for coming over from youtube!

Aw, sorry you couldn't get further! I agree, the spike level is a little tough. Thanks for the kind words :)

Thanks!! Sorry about the difficulty--that spike level is tough. Hope you enjoyed anyway :)

Great idea about the restart button--many people have suggested something similar. Def something to be changed. Thanks!

Thanks!! We enjoyed Fishing for Love too :3

Thanks! We're pretty proud of the art!

Thanks!! We're super proud of the art--glad you enjoyed.


Thanks! Yes, auto-restart is definitely needed haha. Hopefully it was difficult in a good way :P

Super fun but hard as nails! Love the polish and the game feel on this game--little touches like the fast-paced and witty instructions and the "mistakes" review at the end make this game shine. The art was satisfying, too!

Thanks for all the kind comments!

We like the ending screen, too :P glad you got all the way through the game.

Oooo that'd be a fun idea. Maybe, maybe. Thanks, EmCannon! We're big fans <3

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Hi aprzn! Agreed on both points. Easy things to fix, though!


I love Nitrome!! That's high praise in my book.

Thanks!! We loved your golf game haha

Thanks for the kind words! The toggle is a good idea. Definitely something we should think about.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the level design--some of them are tough, don't worry :P

Auto-restart is definitely something we overlooked, hopefully it wasn't too annoying :)

I also wanted the viruses to be a little squishier, hehe. Thanks for the nice words!


Thanks for the kind words! Auto-restart has been a hotly requested feature, definitely something we should add if we get back to this one. We liked your game too!

🥺🥺🥺 thx E

Thanks! Hehe yeah that's a tough one

I liked the core idea, just wish there was more of it (more forms to mutate into)! It was pretty short, and I wanted to see more. I guess that's a good sign!

Super fun! You have a good number of unique and interesting mutation that make an old game more exciting. Loved the egg mutation and the grow legs mutation. So whimsical :D

My teammate played to the end. Kudos!

The arm stretching mechanic is super unique and my favorite part of this game. The arms ended up getting kind of short and stacked on top of each other, so the game got hard quickly. The aesthetic is super neat! Again, loved the arms.

I was a bit confused about what to do, but the graphics are really striking! I wish I knew the objective so I could actually play. Not sure what the proteins did, I kinda just watched my cells do their thing :P

Wow! I loved the art on this one. As others have said, it reminds of of the Binding of Isaac. The room feels a bit crowded at times, but it was still really fun. The art and animations made it such a treat.

Hi Creative! Congrats on releasing your first game :)

I couldn't find the secret ending but my teammate did :(


Thanks, 100th_Coin! We loved loved your game too :)

Thanks! That's really kind <3

Sorry about the zoom! We tried to hack it with the holding SHIFT mechanic but it only works in a pinch. The auto restart is a good idea. Glad you enjoyed the art and level design :)


Thanks! We worked hard on the art for the game :3

You're actually supposed to collect the blue DNA; you can still beat the level afterward... maybe give it another look :P

Thanks! You aren't actually supposed to skip the blue DNA! You can collect the blue DNA and still beat the level :P

I liked that each enemy had its own battle music :)

Kind of confusing what to do and how to deal damage to enemies with the attack (if possible). But, the cover art is really cool.

I love the name. Platforming is a little frustrating because I can't tell when/to what the platforms will transform. But... it's so funny!

This is a really unique jam game with an impressive amount of mechanics (combat, card browsing, moving, main menu, story in between rounds) for a 48-hour project. I think it could use some balancing to make it into a true game; as of now I kind of just spam attack. But the foundation for an interesting card game is certainly here. Thanks!