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Interesting game! Really cool art and surprisingly nice attention to detail (footstep sounds, ambient noise). Good work on teaching the player a mechanic before challenging them to use it to navigate the level (the acceleration mechanic, the trampoline, the danger berries). Just wish I understood French.

The attack still feels kind of flighty, maybe because you can walk past characters so easily so sidling up to them to hit them with the slash feels unsatisfying. I know Dead Cells has a system where walking through enemies is possible, but you go slower and the game automatically slightly nudges you to keep you on one side of the enemy if you haven't obviously expressed the intention to go past them. tl;dr consider making it easier to sidle up to characters to attack with melee. Sfx and feedback on attacks could be a little better too, maybe because attack animation is short for my taste it feels less satisfying than a true THWACK

Fun game with phenomenal art, but the card choosing mechanic seems two-dimensional; it changes the order of the waves, but not how they interact, so the decision comes off as unimportant and gimmicky. That being said, the art made this a thoroughly enjoyable experience anyway.

That's actually the only asset I couldn't find the credits for (that's why it's not above), but I reuploaded the images to imgur. Just know that they're not mine.

The frames may be out of order.

Idle animation:

Run animation:

I'm confused, would you like the art for it, or the code?

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Hi! I would be happy to send you the Gamemaker Studio: 2 project file if you’d like. If you’re not using GMS2 it may be difficult to understand.

Essentially, when a left click is registered the player object (the knight character) creates a sword object that points towards the mouse. When the sword’s animation ends, it destroys itself another can be created by the player object. Any collisions the sword has with a parent object obj_enemy deals damage to the enemies, decrementing an hp variable. It’s pretty simple.

Check this video out:

If you still want it, let me know and I’ll send you the .yyz file.

Some great suggestions. Those weren’t things I actually thought of, but they make sense. Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it.

Good to know. Glad that it worked fine for you, and glad you enjoyed the game!

Juice juice juice

Thanks, that's very kind! Actually this was heavily inspired by DC so I'm glad it came through!

Thanks for the feedback! Hopefully in the future I'll come back to spruce things up a little. Best of luck on your project, feel free to let me know and I'll check it out.

Thanks! This was made with Gamemaker Studio: 2. It's good for quick but still robust development 2D games like this.

yeah it was really nice lol

Hah! Loved the ending when you kill the king. Fun game overall--turn off interpolation/anti-aliasing on your text to make it less fuzzy if you want to!

Cute game! The ending adds a lot of heart and personality. Would love to see you make something even more involved.

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Hi! I used your E key for a game I just finished. Thanks for this! Check out Sword Dude here:

Hi! I used your crossbow and spellbook icons for a project that I just called finished. Thanks so much for making free assets for new game devs :) Check out Sword Dude here:

Hi! I used this sword for a project that I just called finished. It was just what I was looking for–thanks! Check it out here:

Hi! I used your skeleton sprite for a shopkeeper in a project that I just called finished. Thanks for making these free for game devs starting out. Check out Sword Dude here:

Hey! These assets were a ton of help for a summer project I've just called finished. You're a saint for game devs everywhere. Check out Sword Dude here:

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