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Nice game!

Thank you!

Thank you! Yeah, maybe numbers could be tweaked a little. Glad you enjoyed!

Thanks! Not trying to work on this game anymore, but the next project will definitely be building off what I learned in this game!

Thanks for all the kind comments, DataCodex! For the insta kill, maybe go for the HP upgrade?

Thanks for the feedback and the kind words! Yeah, the game is shorter than I wanted. But I'm glad you enjoyed what was there :)


Thank you! Probably moving onto a new project. I'm excited to see what that'll be :)

Aw shoot that's a bug I wasn't able to squash. It happens randomly and I couldn't figure out why. Hope it didn't impact your experience too much!

Aw shoot I tried to code around that but if you were moving fast it’s possible the system I used failed. Thanks for playing anyway! Glad you enjoyed.

Yo, that’s pretty good!! Maybe should’ve made the game harder… hehe. That’s close to my record from playtesting

Thanks, Toaster! Maybe the max HP upgrade would’ve been useful? you’re right, without any upgrades, taking damage is meant to be (almost always) a one shot kill; the HP upgrade is meant to soften that. Can’t take credit for the music (besides picking it haha), check out the music credits for the artist :)

I’m glad you enjoyed!

Thanks TackerTacker!

Hey Jalzu! Thank you so much for sticking around so long—glad you enjoy the devlogs. And I’m glad you were able to play the whole thing. 16 min is pretty solid! I think my record in play testing was 7 or 8.

Oh shoot sorry! That’s not meant to happen. I appreciate the tip—though I don’t intend to work on this game anymore, it’s something I can keep in line for future projects :>

Yo, thanks for playing it all the way through! Glad you enjoyed :)

Thanks!! :)

Thanks for all the kind thoughts!! Auto-restart should definitely be added. I'm glad you enjoyed the level design, we put a lot of love into it :D

Sorry you couldn't get further! Wish we would've made the difficulty ramp up slower so you could see some of the cool mutation things :)

Thanks!! That's kinda funny haha. Glad you got to play it all the way through. And thanks for coming over from youtube!

Aw, sorry you couldn't get further! I agree, the spike level is a little tough. Thanks for the kind words :)

Thanks!! Sorry about the difficulty--that spike level is tough. Hope you enjoyed anyway :)

Great idea about the restart button--many people have suggested something similar. Def something to be changed. Thanks!

Thanks!! We enjoyed Fishing for Love too :3

Thanks! We're pretty proud of the art!

Thanks!! We're super proud of the art--glad you enjoyed.


Thanks! Yes, auto-restart is definitely needed haha. Hopefully it was difficult in a good way :P

Super fun but hard as nails! Love the polish and the game feel on this game--little touches like the fast-paced and witty instructions and the "mistakes" review at the end make this game shine. The art was satisfying, too!

Thanks for all the kind comments!

We like the ending screen, too :P glad you got all the way through the game.

Oooo that'd be a fun idea. Maybe, maybe. Thanks, EmCannon! We're big fans <3

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Hi aprzn! Agreed on both points. Easy things to fix, though!


I love Nitrome!! That's high praise in my book.

Thanks!! We loved your golf game haha

Thanks for the kind words! The toggle is a good idea. Definitely something we should think about.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the level design--some of them are tough, don't worry :P

Auto-restart is definitely something we overlooked, hopefully it wasn't too annoying :)

I also wanted the viruses to be a little squishier, hehe. Thanks for the nice words!