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"I can translate the text if you want."

"Sorry, me english is bad"

Don't you think it's kind of contradictory? :p

Oh ok, I just read it "based on" both times, I supposed it was what FalseProphet meant ;-)

The less shield, the quicker you will start actually damaging the health of the target. Also, enemies usually retreat when their shield is low, regardless of their health. For the ball filter, well I usually prefer taking down the ball carrier, to avoid the opponent scoring and also because they usually don't retreat.

Started playing the game today (you can thank Canard PC for that :p), I really like the game. Just like Monstro, the concept crossed my mind a couple times, so when I heard there was a project like that I was really excited. And I think you did a really great job so far! Here's my feedback.

Right now the missions are quite easy IMHO, I went through them all with a relatively straight forward AI, except for the very last one. Granted, it took me several tries for some of them, especially the "Split Teams" one. I think this will change a lot when Bot Classes are implemented, so once again considering the current state of the game the missions are alright in my opinion.

The AI editor is user friendly, I immediately understood how to use it. However, I would add the possibility to include another AI as a subtree of another, to be able to break an AI in different little chunks that I could use across several other AIs (just like a programmer would separate their code into functions). I was a bit surprised this wasn't possible since there is a "Subtree" option when creating a node, but it seems like this is only meant to organize the decision tree. Also, right now there are cases where I need to duplicate filters : for instance, if I want to say "If there is at least one enemy with less than 25% health in short range, attack the closest one", I have to duplicate the filters on both the condition and action nodes. I would fix that by adding a "Apply filters from parent nodes" in the Target Filters menu. That being said, this is just a minor improvement, it's not that big a deal.

In terms of AI possibilities, here are the things I'd like to see :

  • More options to support an ally : know whether an ally is under enemy fire and/or currently attacking an enemy, filter enemies by the ally they are currently attacking, etc...
  • Prevent the bots from killing themselves by going off the edge of the playing field. Not saying the edge shouldn't kill bots, because it could open fun options with abilities (e.g. knockback), but I think bots should understand that walking right into that deadly wall isn't an option.
  • If having more than two teams on the field is going to be a thing (I must admit if I'm given the choice I would rather face only one team, since fighting several teams is usually about being a coward :p), I'd like to have information on the strength of the opposite teams : number of bots alive, total health, total shield,...
That's basically it. I can't wait for the different Bot Classes and the ability to create my own scenarios. Keep up the good work!
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"Deploy Phase" is done, right? Or maybe I don't understand what it is about.

Also, what are the priorities?

Is it normal that the changelog for Alpha 3 is missing?