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pretty good game, however there are many points which could be improved.

1) the introduction to the grappling system (cave with 3 grappling points) is actually kind of hard to find. after getting the ability to grapple from the archmage, i got lost as i did not know that i needed to get onto the rock before the archmage teaches me about the basics of grappling.

2)This might just be a lack of skill on my part, but i do believe that the grappling system is quite difficult as you need to be very precise with your timing and position you jump from. I took about 15~20 tries before i managed to get to the goblins on the other side of the cave with 3 grappling points.

3)the save system is not great. you only have one save, which would be fine, until you save without a weapon. this causes your future respawns to spawn you without a weapon. and another issue is that if you save while you are dead, (you have about half a second after death to go to the pause screen which would allow you to save) you will respawn both without weapons AND without health. no matter how many potions i chug down afterwards, no matter how many times i respawn, i end up getting killed in one hit, essentially making the game unplayable.

got to ask, will there be any benefits of keeping folks happy? as far as i can see in ver21.2, they just sit there expecting to be fed and clothed

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how to make my people happy? have restarted a few times but ultimately always end up with a rebellion

edit: nvm, i did not notice task masters reduced happiness

i think what gmrose9 is trying to say is that autonauts is completely based on the fact that it is singleplayer and adding a multiplayer function would mean rewriting the whole way the game currently works. meaning, it would probably be more worth the time of the developers to make a completely new game than to create a multiplayer version of the game.

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i would like to try out the multiplayer mod that does not support ver1.05b of raft. i would preferably like to have ver1.05 of raft.

which part is not working? can't find the multiplayer button? cant join your friends server? can't create a server? are you referring to the mod or are you some beta tester for the steam version? three words is usually  not enough to get anyone to help you well enough to solve your problem