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Hi! I am Kaizen from the Philippines, I just want you to know that I use these assets to create my thesis project on school and publish it to google play, very helpful and thank you.  Learning is fun.

water girl and lava boy vibes XD


Awesome game! but the enemy  is to fast XD

Yum yum

yum yum

Fantastic game and very addicting!

Awesomeee! I love platforming game.

I love pizza!

Your game is fantastic and the idea is so cool! I will rate you a perfect star for this

Nicee game!

I love your jump animation in this game I appreciated how much effort you give on it but the consume mechanic are terrible. The game is absolutely cool!

I love your game so much! Nice job I give you a high rate

Your game is little bit creepy but I love your game. Awesome!

So cute dude! I give you a high rate

Watopia is good. I really love your art!

Congratulation for your first game!

I love your game!

Good job my friend!

I love the girl, nice art work!

I think the game is broken but anyways I love the french friess. The art is cool 

Mad love, so much appreciated what you have said. Thank you jenna

Guys, thank you for all your feedback. That will help me to improve in the future. Btw the waves only last in 5 rounds.

Can I stream your game? I found your game is so fun. The ending made me laugh xD

Nice game!

Welcome to the gang!

Love it!

For me the controls is so hard but the rest is good!

Well done!