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Search harder.  Maybe that's not her birthname..?

I agree with you T-T. He's cool and handsome but I can't just see the appeal.

I like Death, but after knowing Roe's situation I'd literally do anything to get back with Sydero and the gang. :<

So this is what Ei does in her Plane of Euthymia..

This was fun!!

I'm so excited T-T !!!

I agree! I actually also romanced Amari during S2 and then randomly found in the comments that there's a poly route for them lol.

NO WAY???????????????????

cambion? like syd?

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This was amazing, even though I don't really know what I'm doing cause I'm so awful...

Yeah, they said for those who played during September you have to replay the game again, that's what I remembered at least.

I know right? 

For the first few minutes of my gameplay, I was kind of bored with it. I decided to put it away for a while and come back, thank god I did cause I was laughing so much! I was really happy when Ace of Diamond and Ace Attorney were mentioned and gosh this game didn't have to be that relatable. My emotions shift from laughing my ass off to dying inside every time. I got so attached to Akarsha and young Min so much. I really loved this game! I was absolutely amazed when they started explaining about the Butterfly Soup, a great game cause the creator agrees that Ace Attorney is hella gay.

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Oh, I already forgot. I think to surrender? I really can't remember.

This was amazing! I can't wait for more.

This was so good that I tried to get all of the endings! It was so well written. <33

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This was so cute! I really love the characters <3

I got ending B!! I really loved the story <3

That was so spooky! I'm really interested in what happens next though. 

I really loved this one!


Never mind, I've been typing "rug" the whole time. That's why it didn't work.

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(Asking for help!)
How can I lock the door? I'm so dumbb

How do you discover more potions again? I'm lost...I'm trying to romance Priscilla and want to make Succubus Snack.

This is cute :D

I don't know what's wrong but whenever I use full screen it's just pitch black. The only words I can see is the words that I will click to progress in the story.