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What a wonderful, yet sad, game. Your artwork was beautiful and seeing each frame put together in a working game this way was stunning. Well done to all involved and well done on the games since this one that i've played and not realised were yours!

I loved this story, moreso because of the way you've involved the reader so much. I don't just mean in story options but the ability to explore the dialect and colloquialisms of the time was wonderful and I had to use that quite a few times (I'm Irish, so I've never heard of some of these terms).

I played Gio's story, got la'more and I'm happy. I'm not even going to play any other path. I got exactly what I wanted and I love this game :D  I think I'm also biased though as my husband is American and talks to me just like Gio does, they even look the same heheh

I hate that you killed it right when it got interesting, but this was a really cool otome so far. I think it could do with more player choice though, we really don't get to do much at all. I do really want to play the full game, looking forward to this.

I  just Squeeed.

Can't wait to play more!!

Thanks, I'll get myself a copy of that!  Hope you're well :)

I really enjoyed this little game and having never taken the subject matter, I was fascinated to see it from someone's perspective. The music track is gorgeous, what is it?

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed this demo, the puzzles were really fun and I love the art style. I hope you guys are still working on more rooms? I'd love to have a full game of this.

I know it's a year after most of the comments but this looks like a fantastic game. I agree that the English translations do need working on but the artwork and the celtic feel is sublime. I really want to play more.

Really enjoyed this, finished it in 15 minutes and wanted more!  Really hope to see more from you guys, you did great :D

I really can't say I understood this game at all and the colours and sounds actually made me feel like vomiting so I had to stop. It might be wise to add some kind of warning to this for those who may fit at flashing lights (apologies if you did and I missed it).

Wooohoo, thankyou! Can't wait to see what's out there for me heheheh

Created a new topic Gameplay Issues

Hi there, I tried playing your game tonight and I was only able to load into the first room, pickup the key and the hammer. When I tried to use the doors, nothing happens. I tried every button on the keyboard, I also tried breaking the wood on the door in case that was something and still nothing. I can't get out of the cell at all. I'm playing through the Itch app on Windows 8.1, I don't know if I'm just missing something but when I watched another player playing this on YouTube he got out immediately just by clicking on the door, so I think maybe something isn't quite working :)

Extremely short...like less than a minute long! Shame as it could have gone on a lot longer and maybe involved a deeper story.

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What a beautiful and beautifully made game. I admit I did have to resort to a youtube vid to help me at one point as I could not for the life of me figure out what I was doing but that entire game was so worth it. I can't believe something so detailed and amazingly put together was free! Thankyou, and well done indeed, I loved playing this.

That was SO GOOD! Oh man I loved that, there was so much feeling and emotion and atmosphere in that tiny little game. I want to know more, I want to know where he really came from, where they're going, if they lasted! Oh man. I loved that.

What a beautiful game and so poignant. For those caught up in war zones, war doesn't creep in bit by bit, it often just hits you immediately and the peaceful, happy place you once knew turns into a dark, terrifying nightmare. I made my choice at the end of the game and I don't know if it was the right one, but it's what I would have get my own daughter, who is 4 and very much like lilly, to safety. This game actually had an emotional effect on me, I can't imagine the fear I would feel if this was us in reality, and it's always a possibility.
Thankyou. What a wonderful game.

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Oh man, this was so good! Make it, make it, make it! That demo was so short and I was into it the moment I turned the light on! Bit confused as to how people are getting stuck, that's one of the most simple and cute demos I've done yet.

Love Love Love this!