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Stats reset on death is because its a rogue-like not because of early access

I can not stop until I have won. I actually made it one square away from the final destination. This game is well made and decently balanced, picking the right supplies and upgrades are critical to getting far in the game. 


If struggling to get far I highly recommend first purchase is being bigger gun, if you can a 10 chamber first thats great but at least start with the 8 chamber. Now the first path of upgrades needs to be +5 Health and then the next one after that for 6 exp points is the Cross that gives you 100 hit points for 15 mana. You will be able to leave the first area with 6 mana so after the +5 upgrade you will be able to get the cross after first or second shot in the 2nd area. Just keep restarting until your able to get that together safely. 

I am having trouble finding the system requirements for this game?