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Please for the love of god make more!! I would love a slightly longer version of this that I could play while I was live on Twitch!

The puzzle aspects were a bit confusing as to how you found certain answers in the places that you did, but once I figured out where the answers would likely be, I I got used to it.

No problem! It was a blast!

Definitely the scariest game I have ever played on my channel!

WTF is that sensitivity bro!? How do you turn it down?

This game is hard asf but I enjoyed the heck out of it

(casual swearing alert)

I played this game second and am excited about the full thing. The graphics are awesome, the flashlight is realistic feeling and nice to look at whilst also raising the tension. Overall pretty cool demo!

I am a little confused but whatevs

(This was the first game I played in this vid)

I love all your games!!! 

I was on the struggle bus for most of this but beat the first level at the end!

POG Thanks Satan for the rescue!!

I think I missed like every jumpscare and was mostly just confused

I need to start taking melatonin or something...

Oh, lordy lordy

Oooo, very interesting game and I think I made a friend with a mannequin

this game is hard asffff but i had fun

I talked a lot of shit but I eventually got through

yeah but why?

Sorry I spent most of the game joking around, that's how I cope with being terrified


This game hurt

This was VERY interesting! I can't wait for more!

This got a good scare out of me! Great concepts, although I was confused at first.

Oy vay

I got a little mad in this video because of some glitches, but I replayed it recently and am making a new video soon beating it. Great game, still confused about the bedroom mechanics but other than that it's great. I am hyped asf for chapter 2

Got both endings... what a ride!

Once downloaded, the game does not extract properly.

This game set me on edge for sure...

a little confused but a lot impressed

This was a fantastic game... I blew out my mic

Those puzzles were so well made. I do wish it was a bit scary but I had a great time playing this one...

I am very intrigued. Did I miss any secrets?

I am very lossed and very intrigued at the same time

Bro I feel so proud of that end puzzle!

this was a blast!

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I have a mic in my Webcam as well as a USB Codec (that's what it says in settings) and it is an AT2020 hooked up to a behringer Amp 

I also tried switching the input in settings and nothing changed.

It won't read my mic and there is no collision on anything

I am unbelievably lost....