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This game was cool but youtube compression tears it apart!!

This is the most terrifying free game I have ever played... most times free game cant get my goat but this one scared me...

Where is the download?

A little hard at first but I loved this!

I loved this one, it was very difficult tho

This game was incredible but I didnt really know how to get around without immediately dying.

I can not WAIT FOR MORE! I will definitely play when it comes out!

Loved the story in this one! Good Work!

Thank you for making!

I got a really good chuckled out of this one! The writing was really good!

I made fun of it a little but I really enjoyed this one!!

I had fun with this one

I am so mad...

Hey... so I am incredibly stupid and forgot I had a key so the vid is kinda cringe

I got scared at the weirdest crap

This was a complete joy to play!

I love this, it is so adorable!!

thank you for the instructions, I will definitely check out some of your other games!

Is this still being worked on? I can't wait to play the finished product, this game is so COOL

Very confused and I wish there was more!

I loved it but I didn't finish because I died at the VERY end and Rage quit... Great game though, I loved the art style!

This game was so confusing! I was having a crap day and needed to get a video done but this game certainly turned it around for me!

This was very good! It was very fun to play!

This game was a good time, no question! It is also INSANELY DIFFICULT! But I had fun.

oh my bad!

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The ending got me hard, holy crap!

Oh... there was a clown... kill me

This was an experience...

I really loved playing this game and the physics engine was exploited... sorry not sorry!

This was a very short and confusing experience

no problem! Thanks for making a great game!

I got so scared and really enjoyed the game, truly it was incredible but my file got corrupted and I only had the webcam footage. Keep up the good work!

This game was an absolute treat!

The title and thumbnail are referring to a game I play later in the video.

This is one of the better games I have found on, is this your first game?? It is incredible!

Anyway, I did a video on it and the recording of its game got corrupted so I included a small section at the end of my video saying how good the game was.

I was really bummed that it got corrupted but it is my own fault not the fault of the game!

I played it and the short of it is this game needs work. I never once got to 1 am on night 1. I didn't understand how to defend against pinkie and there aren't any instructions or a phone call or anything.

This game really scared me which I was not expecting!

This game was impressive, to say the least, I got confused and ended up not getting very far, judging from other people's playthroughs, I may play again soon.

of course! Thanks for the game!

This spooked me, I was not expecting the end

This one was rather odd but I liked it