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We're so glad you liked it!
Wait and see what the full game will be like :D

Not yet. Stay tuned, tho :)

When the full game is out you can go all the way :D

They look fine to us, if you could send some screenshots at our email we could try and look into it 😉

She's got a point! But we're doing our best, and the result will be worth it ;)
Thanks for the nice words, god of cakes! <3

Hi sweetie! We're good!
We're crunching to get the game done so we haven't focused on our online presence!
We're so excited to finish this game :D

No release date yet. ;)
There's been some re-writes and coding is almost done, but we still have some assets that need to be complete (some extra animations and art) before we can put out a date. Rest assured that we are working on this full time ;)

Hello there!
we're putting in the work so that we can get the game out there before the summer, if everything goes well :D

We hope the final product will satisfy you to the core <3

Thank YOU for the nice words!

We have a new update up now! 😁

Also, if you follow us on, you will automatically get email notifications on any update/announcement we make 😉

There are no plans for translations of the game yet.

P.S. The longer Diego hair is the updated look, so it will be in the final game 🤫

We dont have a specific release date yet, but we expect to release the game in the next few months ❤️

We want to give it a try but there's a 50/50 chance Steam will ban our game 🤫

Yes, expect plenty of NSFW scenes ;)

thank you boo! You won't be dissapointed from the final product! :*

Y'all can expect an update pretty soon :)

Thank you, John, 
Bonne Année to you too! :*

Yaaaas, drag us!!! 😘

Thank you for the sweet words! :)))

Yes, the final game will be a commercial release :)
It won't be too expensive, though, we're not making an AAA game or anything! :)

that's right!

Happy New Year, sweeties! :)

the full game is expected in the first quarter of 2021 :)

The full game is not out yet...😭

I guess when it's finally out we'll have to send it to you for free 🙏

Thank you all for the encouraging comments.
We will do our best to give you a super-polished and hearty result! :D

We will probably put the extras for sale in, so the answer is "yeah, kinda"😁

As for Olli, yep, he was added to the game as a full route 😁👉👈

Coming Out On Top is the best game of the genre and it was made by a straight cis woman :D

We want to put the game on Steam, but they are very random with NSFW games and it is very likely they will just delete the game
*jumps and catches your money*

Just the demo, sorry, the full version will be ready later :)

You can keep up with all our development updates here:

We will make more updates here on when we have bigger news ;)

yes, it will :)

Maybe in the full game you'll have a chance with both of them :P

We've already been funded on Kickstarter but you can follow us here on and you will receive a notification when the full game is out ;) Maybe we will also sell the pdf and walkthrough in here as well :)

cat_dog342's children, we apologise in advance :(((

we can't wait for you to meet the rest of the guys when the full game is out ;)

Hahaha it's okay we didn't try very hard to hide it 😂

Shhhh 🤫

We are going strong! 

Mostly working on the art, CGs and coding now 😉

Thanks, honey!
We've already been funded on Kickstarter but you can follow us here on and you will receive a notification when the full game is out ;)

wow!!! You are so kind!
We sent you an email, check it out :D