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yeah the framerate was just a bit choppy. 

just so you know, occasionally stuff like the bottles on the ground appear in front of the enemies

for me the framerate stayed under 30. I'm using a crappy school chromebook though so it's probably not what most people will have.

here's a suggestion. You could make it so it doesn't stop when underwater, so you could make it so if you were able to go under the platforms and out again, you would get more points. you could also add obstacles in the sky, too, like birds and planes, maybe hovering landing platforms?

I found a bug. If you press and hold space when you start, it will just drop to the ground and not explode. you can take off like that. (you should keep this though, its kinda fun to do) really fun game! if you were to port it to mobile I would download it.

I am running a MAC OS, but I was playing the online version.

The sprites didn't show up when i played. there was just a bunch of  pink squares.

update it to full nudity  (full body), animations, and toys :P

i agree

Where did you get the soundtrack?

what do you use to program?