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I find it much more immersive to keep all my keybinds on the left side of the keyboard. Is there a file I can edit to change the defaults, or is this something you might consider implementing?

It seems that the problem is caused by increasing the map scale. The width of the viewport does not increase along with the increase in scale causing intrusive grey areas on the left and right.

I will just play at 1.0 scale for now. I hope you're able to eventually fix this so I can increase the scale without being "boxed in".

Thankyou for your work on this outstanding game!

Windows 10 64 bit. 2560x1440 resolution, dual monitor.

The map shows in a limited 4:3 size ratio on PC but completely fills the screen on my Android.

Is this something that could be changed? It feels silly scrolling left and right when I have plenty of unused screen space.

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Is there a way to make the play area fill the whole screen? I have big grey areas in the tutorial and the first campaign, but the second campaign's play area fills the whole screen.

Seems like a waste of screen real estate to play a long campaign with an unnecessarily limited view of the map.

Thanks for putting this great game together, Nicu. I hope you can fix this niggling annoyance so I can get stuck in! :)

EDIT: The problem is only on the PC and web clients. Android is fine.

EDIT2: Now I'm noticing that left or right clicking anywhere makes the map move upward slightly. Not sure what's making this happen. :\