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3 days later:   (on a side note, thanks for the great game for me and my friends to play! it was great to be a duck! :)

here's my first three star vaporwave! her seed is 014 6237

really good game about trying to combat the ads

i have started working here 7 minutes ago and now im ceo

what if you cant press f2?



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my score was  edit: now it's 

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i gave jet (or j) a haircut in 7 seconds and its very real

this is very true you can play it in under two minutes

sub 3:10 on web 

i left immediately

honestly dadbattle is a bop in this version

i have nothing to say

im back and producing runs

hooray im winner!


my final results before stopping! really good game

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i can easily quit my job at the forums why cant i do that? or did i sacirifice my soul to the forums edit: nevermind i did it

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man i didnt know i was bald

ill comment later

im good 

was there a speedrun game request? just a question

i had $179.920 and my health was at 50%, I feel like i did good.

idk man

it tells me to keep it and then once i press keep it it tells me to throw it away

but what about

It's called "Blocking Cookies" But now i can't comment normally great

too much frogs... in bread

why dont i wear one of the masks i grabbed

i found a way to play even after dying WITHOUT incognito

where did you find this?


but all difficulties are okay

on normal would very much appriecated thank you very much

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my name is todd  kahekili

did you beat all weeks?

post here

i dididid it  dont look at the second photo