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Yes, of course!

You can find the walkthrough here :)

Thank you for your kind words :) and for informing us of the bug. Yes, we have noticed the mistake and in the next version it will definitely be fixed.

I personally loved this game to bits. I ship her so much with Jam, it's unreal. I also loved Vinegar a lot. The art is so cute and fits the story perfectly. Cute and fun game! Great job.

Yes! Definitely. 

We're glad you've liked her route. Thank you for playing our game!

Aww, thank you so much. The compliment about Cherise and the explanation about vampire nature means a lot to me. Thank YOU for playing and liking it!

Thank you :3 We hope you enjoy his route as much as his design~~

No problem :) and thank you!

Thank you for liking and playing our game :) I've made a playthrough for everyone who gets stuck with getting the desired endings. You can read it here: Genjitsukai Playthrough

Thank you :) At least we put the demo back on now! (In case you weren't aware yet) ^^

Aww! Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked Aleisha's route so much. It's true that they are very adorable : ) Haha, that's alright. Everyone has their own tastes. I LOVE that idea about the fairy - I wish I would have thought of it. It's true that I (as the writer) do wish to one day make a fairy game so I laughed when I read that. The "good ends" are actually also the TRUE ends of the games. Thank you for playing our game and commenting ^^

Hey! Thank you for showing interest in our games, we appreciate it! : ) I'm glad you've enjoyed the game and I'm sorry that it wasn't as long as you wished for. I can promise that Secrets will definitely be longer than Genjitsukai.

I meant Sebastian from the true love end ^^ He's super cute! o///o

Ohmy, I really loved this game! The guy is a total creep but I loved the vibe it had. She was such a yandere indeed, good job. I really liked it :) congrats on making the NaNo deadline. (Btw... that true route... I'm so in love with a certain someone.)

Since we're participating in NaNoRenO2017 and the remastering of the demo is taking longer than expected we decided to re-upload the previous version of the demo in the meanwhile. We are still remastering the demo, though, so you'll hear from that eventually.

We have noticed that the original file for the demo disappeared, and we are very sorry for every inconvenience this has caused. This incident gave us the idea to remaster the demo, since we personally were not 100% satisfied yet with the results -- we are positive that the demo could be even better than it is now. We are taking a break from the main story for a bit and are working on the remastering of the demo. It will take a bit longer before the new demo will be uploaded, but we can promise you some nice extra's. Thank you for showing interest in our game, we appreciate it a lot. We will by no means stop working on this game -- we will see it through until the very end. Thank you.

@for-others omg, thank you so much! Comments like this really make our day and make us feel like we're doing a good job.
Thank you for being hyped and liking it! Thank you for liking the characters as well.
I've heard some people relating to Allaya before and that is honestly very nice to hear.
We're curious to your reaction to the full game too!

@Tokisan thanks for playing and liking our demo! Ah, Xei? Glad to see that he is liked. Xei will appreciate you liking him as well ^^ Thank you.

@Scorpio thank you for playing the demo and liking it! It makes us really happy to know you've enjoyed it.