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Very cute! :D

Was an amazing experience! Thanks for creating it!

Yeah that could maybe work. I kept focusing the other character because I got knocked back so badly

Nice game! the reindeer were a bit too annoying for my taste at a certain point. Also as some others stated.. I can't really see the connecton to the theme 

Smart theme usage! Neat experience!

Very interesting concept. I found it very hard to play and navigate, as there was no feedback when the guard caught someone. I was never sure if I could already tap the next thief or not. With a little bit of fine tuning, it would be a neat little game!

Wasn't really my type of game. Got stuck at like level 3 or so and couldn't get past that. The feedback for the player if they did something right or wrong also could have been made a bit clearer.  Aside from that, I see no connection to the Theme at all? Is there something that's going above my head?

Very satisfying and nice to play! A restart hotkey like "R" or something would have been great ^^

The music and the feel is great! The UI is a bit incomprehensive and R as a restart shortcut would be great!

It's sooo good! Really polished, really clean and overall a really really fun game when you got the hang of it

Wow thank you very much! 

Liked it a lot! It looks very good and feels nice to play! I had some issues where the level ended before I even really finished it

Amazing! The art was great, the feel of the game was nice, the music was good aswell! Really enjoyable (Though you forgot the music in the credits menu but maybe that even was intended) 

Nice! The atmosphere is great! I would have liked it to be a bit more balanced in time because I just spam clicked because I couldn't really make out anything in that short time span before the bus went through again. But I really liked the vibes and sounds and the take on the theme was very clever as well!

Hey! Sorry to hear that! I wrote the goal in the page's description but I guess it isn't clear solely in the game. Sorry about that. If you want to ever give it another shot, the goal is to restore the cubes lying around and bring them to their areas/pools that are of the same color :D


Thank you! Unfortunatly as it was my first game and jam I completely overestimated my capability and then had to scrap the idea of music and sfx. But still thanks for liking and playing!

Thank you for playing and rating! And I agree, in hindsight the level design could have been a lot better

The Snake has exactly the same graphics and the dying sound was also used when going through the holes. Even if you made it yourself, it's straight up copied, not even modified.

Kinda fun but I also didn't quite understand what exactly was going on and what i was supposed to do

Was a great experience! I loved the animations and sounds. The level design was great aswell!

Love the vibes! The music is good, the assets are cute and I had a great experience!

I think the feel of the game is very nice, tho I have only played a few levels. I find it a bit weird that you used the graphics from the Google Snake Game but doesn't state that anywhere.

I think this was a very pleasent experience and I loved the little things the dog said! Also the levels weren't too hard and I really enjoyed them :D

So cute and fun!

I didn't quite get the mechanics, as it didn't seem like I could deal any damage to the enemies. But I liked the art and movement! Also I think the theme fits somehow

Nice little game! As I'm not too good with platformers I had a very hard time and I found it quite confusing in the beginning that I couldn't jump. But I really liked the Art!

This is a very nice small game! One of the snakes almost gave me a heart attack istg

Thank you so much!

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I updated the game description. You can get the Windows version of the game on the Discord server :D
edit: I also added a windows version to itch now!