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Thanks for playing and sharing! Indeed, the commands could be better explained, we just didn't notice it in time. :(

As for the jump before the race, we choose to didn't lock it, even without showing the jump bar, so the player can test and jump to get the feeling of the jump. Maybe it didn't work how we expected... 

Thanks for playing and sharing!

Yeah, there's a lot of space for improvement about the flying physics. 

I love it. The art, the music,  sound effects, the game and level design, everythings works fine.

Great job!

I can't take the truck out of the gas station :(

Nice VN! I like the dialogues and the many different unexpected outcomes!

Just hit the play button in the center of the screen. It is indeed a game.

I love the art, the music, the sound effects and the weight-coin mechanic. Really good.

I think jumping out there is a fundamental part of the game.

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I laugh a lot with that one. The plot and dialogues are really really REALLY fun!
Love the music with bass focus too.
Great job!

PS: Please, change the credits color at the end (cat screen). It's really hard to read :(

Nice game! The perfect introduction of the butter chicken. Keep on the good work. :)

I loved the music choice. The art is cool too

Seems like the unity loading provides isn't showing. Maybe waiting a little will load the game!

Seems like the unity loading provides isn't showing. Maybe waiting a little will load the game!

Wave 6 with 900 points.
I went for the tank spammer build, hahaha.
I love that music tho

Great pixel art and good interfaces!

A very creative game design. Good job!

I love this menu music! How did you make it?

This was unexpected, hahaha


I loved it!

The MC art is simple and cute, the OST is delighful and the game is so much fun too! Congrats

Oh, it's very creative! Well done

Ei, Sr. Cevada!

Valeu pelo feedback detalhado e obrigado por jogar nosso jogo!  😄

Oi, Lu! 

Muito obrigado por jogar, ficamos muito felizes com o feedback.  😄

Adorei a mecânica do jogo! Achei os controles muito responsivos e a forma que jogador se movimenta também. Curti muito a arte  e a temática, muito bonita! No começo, assim como o rollinorama, tive um pouco de dificuldade de entender o que era pra ser feito, mas batendo um pouco a cabeça deu pra sacar. Parabéns!

Dark Souls + Harvest Moon! Hahahaha, brincadeiras a parte, curti a mecânica, bem interessante. Parabéns

Muito legal a ambientação e a trilha sonora, passou muito a vibe de um jogo de terror (me lembrou demais Layers of Fear).
Demorei um pouco pra entender como interagir e com qual objeto interagir, mas depois de entendido foi até rápido. Parabéns galera!

Curti muito a arte do jogo! A progressão de dificuldade das fases também ficou bem legal, bom trabalho! 

Muito legal! Me deu vibes de Yomawari.

Parabéns pelo game!

Fazer tudo sem palavras nesse contexto narrativo foi REALMENTE um desafio, hahahaha.
Muito obrigado pelo feedback e por jogar! :D

Heey! Fico feliz que tenha curtido! A música da cidade também é minha preferida, hehe.

Obrigado pelo feedback e por jogar :D

Fico feliz! Obrigado por jogar e pelo Feedback. :D