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I'm a big fan of all the WuDe games but this one is especially cool. The collection of elements after defeating the monsters to be used  in play is excellent. I also was impressed that this game is a companion game to the Soul Detective game. While both can be played independently, it's a clever idea to place them both in the same game world. I highly recommend   "Kicking Ass" of some monsters as the Clean Up Crew!

I'm completely biased, as I helped with the creation, but I'd still recommend it to anyone looking for some guided reading/journaling games.   Also for anyone who loves Dune!

Anyone looking for a more cooperative storytelling game with unique features will absolutely love this game. The specialized dice are am added feature as are the East Asian elements incorporated into the mechanics.  It's been used in teaching students problem solving and social interaction as well! 

I must be honest and admit I was a playtester on this module but that just means I know that it's a quality product!  

Great D&D 5e setting/adventure module! Good for anyone looking to put a little East Asian flavor into their game. 

Ralf is a long time expat resident of  China and the Philippines and approaches the material  with both cultural sensitivity and love for the folklore of the area. Hope you try it and enjoy it!