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Oh so there is, thank you for the reply.

Dose this game have a walkthrough?

Very true. The actions and reactions of  alot of chatterers make much more sense with the original script then it does with the one Patron made Dark Cookie change. very sad.

So is Lorraine route on hold then?


You should work on finishing the one route you as the writer most enjoy.  Once that's done you can then set Violet Memoir as a linear VN or continue with other routes. Either way this should make the burden of choice weigh less on you. Remember that whatever task you do it is a lot funner when you take it one piece at a time rather then trying to get everything done at once. 

I've seen to many VN's fizzle out because they try to do EVERYTHING at once.

small bug report here. When using spacebar to move forward instead of the mouse the novel will glitch out, bringing up the menu. This happens about every 10 button presses.

Is there now or will there be a planed screen shot function? 

Well that did answer alot of my questions. Cheers!

Thanks for the reply.

So how do the patron and versions differ from each other?  

So I can't even get past day one...?

I concur with alarmingly, this VN is 100/10! Keep up the great work!

Mmm darn. Thanks for the reply. By the way love the mini comics you've thrown in,very cool.

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I know this may be a silly question, but is there any plans for putting in a chapter divider, ya know in order to tell which chapter the reader is currently on? 

Seems I'll finally make a twitter account in order to follow Kael...never thought that would happen. Thanks for the reply Crimson.  


is there a way to hind the hud in order to take a screen shot? 

Is there any way to beat the vines in the first fight or are you supposed to run?

Light bless Charlie Mops the kin who invented beer! The wait for more FBtW will be quite hard. Please don't delay!  

Evil? really? .....

Mmm Interesting to see a sineario where so called "supernatural" encounters and "extraterrestrial" encounters are not necessarily  different phenomenon, but possibly two sides of the same coin.  Too bad so many people are rooted either in the "aliens and/or supernatural don't exists" or "they do exists so let's throw out all rational thought" types.  

If Echo had at least one real world counterpart it would be Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, where supernatural and UAP events are recorded as happening side by side. 

Since the theme of Arches is "breaking cycles" I do hope our dynamic trio far better then the group in Echo did. 

Anyways still a good, if not difficult read yet again. Cheers!

I just finished act 1 and am now eagerly awaiting act 2. Great VN so far. 

Why was this VN put on hold? Man.....

ah not finished.... 

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I just finished the novel and am absolutely blown away by what a masterpiece it is. I'm glad that your team didn't go heavy on the 'choose your own ending" thing that alot of VN's do, because I think a nice smooth story is so much better. The only complaint I'd have(as a free reader lol) is that your teams talents are spread out amongst so many projects that the continued progression Adastra's sequels will be greatly slowed. If an adastra series were to be hard covered I'd be filling my book case with them and shilling out cash. Anyways here's to the future. Cheers!    

I'm only part way through at the moment. but I can already tell this VN is a real gem. Thank you Echo team. Cheers!

Checked sanctum and everything is on. And it is going up the butt. Should I not surrender? 

Trying to get Gin(aka Wild Cat) to impregnate me as male, but its not happing even with the pill. What am I doing wrong?

Dose this count even if I have a male chater without a pussy?

I,ve had the same issues.

Is there vore in this game? If so can the main character vore or no?

Ok a little bug here: When BAT is set to AI mode he dose no vore only stomping and crushing. Would like to see him eat while I'm eating my wheatys.

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Ok I subscribed on SS, but I don't see a link for the latest version. What am I missing?

Thanks for the info Ash. Too bad that certain options like eat aren't always available, or seem to become unavailable later. Oh well. 

So dumb question here, but can you do anything else to your captives other then sex, like giving them to the horde, eating them ,etc.?

Yep got it on your patron. Thanks.

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No download button is appearing which is a shame since I really wanted to try this updated version. I have checked other works that I fallow and their downloads are working fine.


Any plans for adding more content for Chance?