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Such a small tale yet so well put together with interesting lore, characters and choices. Though I understand why I got Ending 2 (twice!), Ending 4 will be my favourite as it feels truest to the protagonist's character to me.

Every route has new and interesting dialogue! Appreciate that.

Ohhh damn this premise has a lot of potential!

Can't wait ^^

That's great to hear! And also the dialogue from the town/slum people are actually so fun and at times, relatable. 

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Can I just say, I like how the background changes in a new location and small expressions when fishing. The details are on point!

(Also the long sleeves and tighter shirts go over the bottoms, when their preview shows them being underneath. It's a small gripe, but thought to let you know. Thank you for your hard work so far!)

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Damn that was a good game and neat spin on the classic adventurer. The art, graphics and music was really well done too!

I wish there was one extra scene for romance to develop more but under the time constraints, it's length is understandable. 

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A really nicely made game! (The lag is almost unnoticeable on the Mac)

I will continue to wait! It'll be worth it.

*sobs* Still awaiting

For me, it happened on chrome browser, also on the second replay.

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Tip to new players: Rod and Waltz's route are highly recommended. I know others love Karma and Fritz, but they stand out the most to me. (Though Rumpel's route is definitely underrated). 

Also use your saves!!! The right choice indicator is very important in this game, so if you're not sure of the option you want to pick, save your progress first.

Frick me that was intense. Worth it.