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oh woops, I see what happened there --  I forgot to put a trigger to move the player away from the door if they said no, guess that totally slipped my mind :,D Patched that in so it won't happen to anyone else; thanks for letting me know!

The art, writing, and mostly-functional scripting were all done by my hand, yes! A few details were inspired by my twitch chat (like the player being able to wear the hat, for example), but there wasn't any team beyond myself working on Soul Void!

Thanks and also Im sorry you ran into trouble! I've updated the game so that the second void flower, the vein tube, and even speed runner sam for the comment below no longer require the yes/no dialogue option.

And that also blows my theory that the yes/no bug was a mac-only issue; Im absolutely tearing my hair out trying to figure out why it's happening lol. Thank you for your report!

(The hat one tho is the first Ive heard of it, unfortunately. The best I can currently offer is trying again on a fresh game, if you feel up for it.)

The vine gate will always send you to the blood area! When you leave the blood cave and pop out of the vine gate, keep going down; that'll take you back to the mouth maze ;)

oh no, Im really sorry to hear that! I'm guessing it was the yes/no dialogue box that blanked out? I'm still not sure what's causing that to happen, but if you could let me know what OS/browser you were playing in, I'd appreciate it (I've yet to be able to reproduce this bug myself, which is making it quite difficult to fix haha)

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Have you tried using the Z or J key to interact/progress dialogue, or is that also not working? (I'm not sure what else could be interfering with the interactions!)

The void flower is meant for a soul later on in the game, not the nervous one in the beginning ;) Keep going until you find a soul that wishes they felt pretty!

Thanks for playing! Also woops, it completely slipped my mind that people would immediately go back into the game without a refresh :,,) My b, it's been updated so that you should have a fresh game when you hit the title screen!