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Thank you guys 😆
Guys who bought a subscription on patreon, I want to ask you a question, does FATAL FIRE Studios respond to messages on patreon? Please give an answer!
Then tell me please

Does anyone know when version 0.1.9 appeared on Patreon?

Is this on version 0.1.9? If so, maybe you know what new animations have appeared in arcade mode?

Just like you, I really want to find out :((((


Friend, it’s easy, I advise you to pay attention to the trees, blue bags of coins are hung on them :) and more than 500 can be dragged from the shooting range at the second meeting of Mary's store. :)))


Hello, today your discord admin banned me for no reason! my nickname is Kacter_Zoro14
Okay, thank you:)
Guys, who knows what new animations came out in version 0.1.9?

Wow! please take off

Guys, who knows what secret animations were added in 0.1.9?

Maybe you're right, it's still a shame that there are so many bugs:(((

To be honest, I am very shocked that they would not fix such important bugs in the game, bugs from which it is not very pleasant to play, the update was supposed to be released on April 15, but it came out around April 23 and I'm only for because I was duping that the guys are fixing bugs, BUT NO, you haven't fixed anything, you haven't even tested anything because such common bugs are simply impossible not to notice! to be honest, it's a pity that there are such important bugs in the update, I'm very sorry for those who specifically bought your subscription to Patreon and what did they get in return? They got SOME BUGS and bought a subscription. I hope that you will learn the lesson and this will not happen again in the next versions. I think it would be right to add 0.1.8 as compensation for all users, of course, with bug fixes. But I see what you have been working on these two months in the 2nd New Year's part and in this you are really well done.

are the developers here? I mean will they answer questions?
Guys, I'm very interested in the developers in general will these magicians correct? Or should I suffer until the next version? :((

all the same :( and more I found

I have the same
you guys have it too, so when the light turns off and I turn it on and after that I can’t restore the music box :(( Is this how it's supposed to be or is it a bug?

извините мне ктото может подсказать можно ли получить сейчас анимации с boobs и blowjob с Marie а если можно то за сколько монет можно их купить?

Excuse me, can someone tell me if it is possible to get now animations with boobs and blowjob with Marie, and if so, how many coins can you buy them for?

на патреоне 0.1.8 уже?

Guys when will version 0.1.7 be released here?:(
I'm sorry, I understand correctly that version 0.1.7 for everyone was supposed to be released on April 15? Or was version 0.1.8 supposed to be released on Patreon?


I'm sorry, but I also have a question when the new version will be released?

Ok thanks for the reply, we'll be waiting :)

Ok thanks for the answer, but at the beginning of the month or at the end?

I'm sorry to be interested, but when will version 1.7 be released for everyone?

ah it definitely did. Sorry, just on YouTube they said that the mask will automatically be put on :)
Thank you^)
Please can someone tell me why i can't sit on a chair!!! I bought the mask and the light was on so why!??


У меня есть предложение:)

Это конечно вам решать добавлять это или нет но, как вам идея добавить девушку у которой будет 2 члена?:))

Или ище девушку со щупальцем?:>

А вообще игра очень интересная и очень удобный гимплей для меня😁 буду каждый день проверять не вышло ли уже обновление 🥰