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yeah I didn't know how to make textures so I didn't do that lol. Thanks!

sorry for the late response, but yes anyone can! It is a short game I may say cause it was my first so I wouldn't recommend streaming but you can go ahead if you want.

fun game!

your so ungrateful 

oh, well i think it's because of the res. like when i played 720p it was faster or slower.

oh i used this video on how i made it, i did the same concept but for the switch

sheesh dripp

Lmao, I didnt know much at all because I just got a pc without a gpu so yeah I don't, big compliment (:

oh for everyone else it was normal, i'll see what i can do

thank you!

i dont know what the ending was, i just spent so much time i just thought of something and went with it lol

you dont have to have winrar to extract zip files, but you can try with it anyways


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Uh ok, not my problem really you could just play a game that suits you.

oh lmao that's tough

download it, un zip it, click the logo and BOOM


uh it shouldn't, did you click on the game logo instead of the unity logo?

thanks! hope my new game will be way better then this one, even if it's not a horror game.

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it's not gonna, due to the post processing (The film grain vignette blah blah effects, it's just too high quality)

Lol wish I could its just a bunch of cylinders which no longer could be rigged for animation

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lol no just took a long time


Spanish Translation i think

"I give you a lot of applause and the best thing is that it weighs little and I really like your graphics"
thank you! took some time.

then go play that game lmao

click on the icon in the folder

what do you mean by that?

it's pretty short, so if you died that was the ending

hope not the part of someone standing outside is relatable 

same ngl


r.i.p. waffen-tacos ):

i am making a different game rn tho


sorry to hear that lmao

oh god, im sorry for your loss

Thanks! and jeez about your teeth, hope you enjoyed and imma def make more games

oh no...

now i can burn you as a voodoo doll