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Thanks! That's similar to what I was going for, glad it worked :P

Same here, although this looks too performance-intensive for my machine, I'd still like a Linux build :)

Not really, it's too slow as it is, it barely runs at 15 fps with the lowest settings.

Seems the mobile version acts the same, so it might not be me only.

GLADIABOTS version: 4.2.2

Platform: Linux 32bit, running the Windows 32bit through WINE

On the mission Ambidextrous, making the bots on either side and in front of your base to only collect is a little flaky.

When the collecting bots reach the Resources, the upper bot picks it up while the lower one pushes the enemy bot for a few seconds and the enemy bot picks it up instead. A friend says the collector bots will pick up both for them, so I'm not sure if it's a bug or not.

I can also reliably reproduce it.

I can totally agree with you :D

Downloading it right now right after I watched the trailer.