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this game was recommended to me by a blog about games on instagram, and i'm glad i downloaded and played it. the visuals are stunning and very detailed. i was shocked to see that this game, which has many characters, levels, and menu options, is free, like, bro. what a steal! i suggest playing this game to anyone looking for something to do while passing the time; it can be a little stressful at first, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be fulfilling orders in no time! definitely a perfect 10/10 for the visuals, the characters, and the concept!

i had a lot of fun playing this game all the way through.  as the player descended each floor and interacted with a variety of characters while offering them leftovers for free, the background soundtrack became increasingly menacing and unsettling. it made me cringe and smile. xD

the door that was open caught me completely off guard because it was so unsettling to see a door leading into the dark.  seeing these characters and how they responded to the leftovers was entertaining to watch, in addition to the well-done creepy atmosphere. the characters all had various personalities, which truly made the game more alive!

i have no complaints, but jeez, i want to know how the game ends! does our mother win or does that lady? who knows...

anyway, thank you for making a game that was so quick and enjoyable! i love the story's artstyle and plot, it was extremely nicely done. when making games, please keep in mind to take frequent breaks and avoid becoming overworked! <3

of course, it's important for developers like you to know how much players like us like your games. it means a lot to me that you took the time out of your busy day to respond. <3

i'm looking forward to having my questions answered, and i'll be sure to keep an eye out for your amazing games on and through the youtuber i previously mentioned. and a big thanks! i'm relieved to hear that you won't exhaust yourself. <3

i downloaded the game right away after watching one of my favorite youtubers play it.  i was glad to learn that it was free to play! xD 
even though i knew what the game was about, i still had a lot of fun playing it. i had to keep checking during the hours that i completed everything correctly because i wanted the best possible ending; however, i don't regret it because i ended up getting double stars! 

i don't have any complaints with the game, but i'm quite interested as to why there are only two human characters and that most of the characters are animals. does this have any importance? who knows. 

anyway, thanks for creating a game that was so enjoyable! i've never played any of your games before, but i really enjoyed this one. please do not overwork yourself; remember to take breaks and keep up the good work! <3

you made such a fun and enjoyable game, i really did enjoy it and hey, take things easy when you make games- don't overwork yourself.
i completely understand about the whole terms of use, don't worry about that! i don't think i can purchase it but i'll definitely go back to your game from time to time to listen to the soundtrack for free. xD

i rarely check but THANK YOU SO MUCH and YOU'RE WAY TOO KIND <3

this was such a stupid but fun game to play! though it would be a masterpiece if the game had progressed to the point where we could see the idol group perform! xD thank you very much for creating this game! <3

anything for a hat, even if it means stealing the souls of innocent people. <3 anyway, this was a fantastic game! the art style is very adorable and adds to the enjoyment of the game. the characters we encounter are likewise diverse, with various tasks for us to complete. a quick but entertaining game! <3

i really enjoyed the game! when i realized there was voice acting, i was completely shocked. the art style is really charming and adds to the enjoyment of the game. the soundtracks were my favorite part of the game especially the opening soundtrack. i was so taken with it that i looked to see whether it was available on spotify. xD thank you very much for creating such a fun game! <3

from beginning to end, i was completely engaged in this game. normally, games are about straight people in straight relationships, but as time goes on, we witness a growing number of games that are similar to one night, hot springs. it makes me happy to see how things are gradually changing, and that people who identify as a different gender or who aren't heterosexual are gradually being treated equally to "regular" boys and girls. i hope that every transgender person reading this remembers that THEY ARE DESERVING OF BEING WHO THEY ARE! allow no one to prevent you from trying the things you've always wanted to try. thank you very much for creating this game. <3

a beautiful and sweet game! while playing this game, i felt nothing but good vibes. i wish everyone a good morning. thank you very much for creating this game! <3

the dynamic between them was adorable and, for some reason, realistic. a sweet game about two girls discovering their affection for one another! the visual style is bubbly and cheerful, with interesting characters. thank you for creating this game. <3

i wasn't a huge fan of yuki because she lacked a distinct personality. the art style, on the other hand, is fantastic! it's incredibly attractive and colorful. the characters were fantastic, but haruka for best girl! thank you for creating this game. <3

the true ending made my jaw drop; i was not expecting such a finish! i had a lot of fun exploring all of the options and achieving many endings. it was a bit more difficult than the first game, where finding multiple endings was a piece of cake. a fantastic second game! <3

despite the fact that we cannot communicate with nature with language, we can always communicate with them with our actions. it was strangely emotional to witness the plant thrive and become healthy after it had nearly died. from the artwork to the dialogue, everything about this game is flawless. thank you for making such a peaceful and emotional game! <3

this game reminds me of when people were obsessed with yandere simulator. this is how i image middle schoolers to act like when they're going through that phase! if any of you reading my comment think this comment is negative, i'm not hating on the game- it's just very nostalgic to that time. anyway, the artwork is adorable and it was entertaining to see that they (the students) believe killing is so simple. yukari, your sister is an idiot for not believing you and your boyfriend is trash. </3 thank you for making such a fun game! <3

it was great to be a nuisance to amanda while playing this game. i liked seeing her get annoyed and frustrated whenever we (the player) did anything she didn't want us to do. there's a lot of unanswered questions here, such as what happened to wooly after episode two? please continue to develop this game since it has a lot of potential. <3

the artwork is very stunning! i liked how different the characters were from one another and i like the story's plot. it'd be even more interesting if the story continued after the examination. olivia is best girl. thank you very much for creating this game! <3

i had a lot of fun with the game, and the conversations were very realistic. the only thing that bothered me was our friend's attitude, which was, to put it lightly, a slap in the face. Nevertheless, i still enjoyed every minute of it. thank you very much for creating this game! <3

this game was extremely random, but it was still enjoyable! furthermore, the artwork is just stunning! there are positive vibes all around. thank you for making this game! <3

to be honest, i watched a youtuber play this and never thought to come upon it on! even though i knew what the game was about and how it worked, it certainly didn't ruin  my experience. i  liked how we got to break the clowns; it was a lot of fun and added to the excitement! thank you very much for making this game! <3

the conversation was very realistic throughout the entire game! when you play this game, it feels as if you're having a conversation with your father know, difficulties that everyone goes through like loneliness, anxiety, and so on. thanks for the experience, i enjoyed the game till the very end. <3

1)  who was your favorite character and why?

to be honest, i really enjoyed zeke and al! i know this is probably corny, but their personality reminds me of my boyfriend. he's as considerate as zeke and as intelligent as al. i guess it's because they remind me of him. :)

2) what was your favorite scene in the game and why?

it felt very natural when al and mc were up on the rooftop, and i could absolutely picture friends goofing off together, like when mc whacked themself with the stack of paper!

 3) would you want a full length version of this game?

clearly! these individuals were awesome! it would be wonderful if we got to know them a little more; their backstories are something i'd like to learn more about!

thank you for creating this game; it is truly an honor to be able to play it. <3