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When's the walkthrough?

When's the walkthrough?

When are the walkthroughs a thing?

Maybe it's the number of gigabytes the game uses.

Maybe tech support might help.

It won't let me play the game on my Chromebook, the only laptop I have. What exact platforms can people play this game on?

When's the sequel coming along?

When's the walkthrough getting on YouTube?

Is that /v/ a bilabial or labiodental fricative?

The music reminds me of the music that plays when someone is first using Windows XP.

I wonder what the message in the envelope read. And I just figured out the game's name is the word spelled backwards.

When's the walkthrough coming along?

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I'm stuck on levels 5, 6, and 8.



I wonder if we'll get walkthroughs of this game.

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Update, I just completed all 14 levels.

Nah. I just got stuck on what to do.

I can only go as far as level 9 at the moment.

Now I'm stuck on level 4.

I'm stuck on level 2.

When's the walkthrough coming along?

I wonder if anyone is recording walkthroughs right now...

How am I supposed to wall jump if the game won't let me?

I'm in the engine, but I'm stuck on the third grid. I'll wait for the walkthrough to get released. Wake me up when it happens.

You and me both.

I can't complete the level in the doorless house! The gaps are too big! Make them shorter!

Wake me up when walkthroughs of this game become a thing.

The level inside the barn is too f***ing hard, especially if I leave my door open for everyone else using adjacent rooms. And they're ALWAYS busy.

How do I feel around the house that is "without a door"?

The level in the graveyard is SUPER difficult. I can't even weaken the soul long enough to capture it with all that awful parkour.

How do you use the candles in this game?

Wake me up when the walkthrough gets on YT.

I got that formula myself.


Wake me up when the YouTube walkthroughs arrive.

Let's see the next players create the walkthroughs.

When is someone posting the walkthrough to this?

This is confusing.

I wish there was a YouTube walkthrough to this game so I wouldn't miss any spots and continually fail at the lost woods thing.