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Need to find where that third thing is to unlock the third piece of the path. Already found the one underneath the candle hut. And one after digging the X. But where's the third one?

When's the walkthrough a thing?

Chromebook and Chrome.

Page reloaded thrice, yet the game takes too long to load, or doesn't load at all.

Already did.

When is the walkthrough a thing?

When is a walkthrough for this being posted on YouTube?

Will a walkthrough be a thing?

When is the walkthrough coming along?

When are the walkthroughs on YouTube?

When are the walkthroughs on YouTube?

Awesome game. When are the walkthroughs being posted?

Will Sunken City be available and playable outside of Steam? (I'm using a Chromebook.)

The first game of the franchise...

When's the walkthrough?

When are the walkthroughs coming along?

When's the walkthrough?

When's the walkthrough?

When are the walkthroughs a thing?

Maybe it's the number of gigabytes the game uses.

Maybe tech support might help.

It won't let me play the game on my Chromebook, the only laptop I have. What exact platforms can people play this game on?

When's the sequel coming along?

When's the walkthrough getting on YouTube?

Is that /v/ a bilabial or labiodental fricative?

The music reminds me of the music that plays when someone is first using Windows XP.

I wonder what the message in the envelope read. And I just figured out the game's name is the word spelled backwards.

When's the walkthrough coming along?

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I'm stuck on levels 5, 6, and 8.



I wonder if we'll get walkthroughs of this game.

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Update, I just completed all 14 levels.

Nah. I just got stuck on what to do.

I can only go as far as level 9 at the moment.

Now I'm stuck on level 4.

I'm stuck on level 2.

When's the walkthrough coming along?

I wonder if anyone is recording walkthroughs right now...

How am I supposed to wall jump if the game won't let me?