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You Get Punched.

So I Heard Y´all Hate Part 4

This Is True Power.

me playing this game while checking my phone irl: There The Same...But Also Different!

There is actually an ending, if you get the world bar to 0 it will say president impeached, although its probably not winning.


Oh Hey Red!

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I Feel Like The Game Would Be Easier If You Added Some Kinda Health Bar for the boss, Or A Heart Item To Heal Yourself.

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I Have An Idea For This Game, What If You Could Add Powers To The Other Characters To Make Them Unique And Not Play Just Like Sonic, Tails Could Have His Fly Ability, Knuckles Has Gliding, Shadow  Could Stop Time, (I Would Have Said Punching For Knuckles But I Feel Like It Would Slow Down Your Speed. And Yes Shadows Stop Time Is A Jojo Refrence)

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yes triangle man go shoot thank you dani very cool


-insert initial D music here-

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Once Among Us 2 Comes Out, What WIll Happen Money Wise To Among Us 1? Will It Go Down, Be Free, Or Stay The Same? Also Will You Plan To Do More Updates With Among Us 1 When Among Us 2 Comes Out? And One More Thing, Do You Guys Plan To Put Among Us On Ps4 Or Some Other Console? Cause I Had A Thought Where You Could Play Among Us On Nintendo Switch. Thank You Guys For Reading And Bye.

A GroundHog.  -snaps- NOICE

Red Sus Vote Out

I Haven't Played this in forever. It Grew ALOT. You Did A Good Job On This Game Taldius. :D

does the online race work on chromebook? cause when i try to it just says connecting.

This Is A Great Game, They're Aren't That Many Stages And Other Stuff But Its Good, (See My Comment On The Game For More Details About What I Think About It)


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The Game Is Great But Loading Seems To Crash and One Scene Just Dosent Work. If You Can fix That It Would Be Fantastic. edit:Its On Day 3 On The Right Part. None Of The choices Work. And Sometimes It Just Does Not Work.

Honestly  I Have No Idea How To Beat This. Could Someone Assist Me With The Code 1 1 2 Cuz Idk What That Means

If Online Is Working Anybody Wanna Play With Me?

I See Why People Are Saying Fellow Helicopter Now.

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I Got A Bad Ending ;-; UPD Maybe Nvm

yes. just yes.

Honestly...I Loved This. If You Could Make A Whole STory Out Of This. That Would Be Great!

Its High Noon

Is ThAt A PeRsOnA ReFrEncE

Is ThAt A PeRsOnA ReFrEnCe?

This Feels Like I Should Be Playing Giornos Theme

Wow  Dani, Very Milk

Some Of Them They Do, But They Are Rare To Find

this is what i want.

It Wont Load

One Word,

Now Go Down

Get Rickrolled.

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Hey Taldius, If You Have The Time To Read This Heres My Review And Problems With The Game. My Review Is 10/10 But When You Try To Do The Homing Attack While Running On Computer You Cant Go Up...And There's Not Enough Stages, So Its Not That Interesting Unless You Implement Something Like Super Sonic Or Other Characters. But Oher Than That Great Job. Here's A Meme

They Fixed It.

more please.