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Haven't played this game in months

Game had me jump scared pretty bad lol

2nd game on the video fun game had me shook

Just dropped a vid check it out n subscribe if you enjoy it ?

Another Among us video yall should check it out and subscribe if you enjoyed

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My best set of games set check it out❗

Complete Fire 🔥 Game

best game I've played in a minute I am THE BEST IMPOSTER 

loved this game! 

Fun game and the jump scares almost got me its the second game in the video. 

This game had a mean twist lmao the 2nd game around 3- 4 minutes 

The ending had me shook lmao this is around the 6-7 minute mark

around the 10 minute mark this was the scariest one on the episode but the ending had me laughing 

just downright mind blown _ around the 7 minute mark

The first Game I played reminds me of the Survey game but I could play again once finished missing a jumpscares 

great game

great game

10 out of 10 lol I had to go all out on the video 

This game was mad fun I spit so many bars on the soundtrack lol great Game 

Game was really good, the amount of twists at the end.

Probably the most IN DEPTH horror game I've played on Itch Its around the 8 or 9 minute mark. 

Had me shook some moments and questioning what was going on.. But this was fun(Its the first game in the video) 

Game was fun Its around the 16 minute mark

Ha thanks

10/10 Best game here on

I finished this game around the 9 minute mark the ending was the biggest plot twist ever!

This game was really immersive 

Yo this game was mad fun lmao 

This game was really fun i just had my sound off which made it scarier lmao 

Yo This game was mad good I just wished it were longer, You can check out my reaction to it here if ya want.

Was REALLY short but I enjoyed it and if it gets updated I would definitely  play more.  

This game actually had me for real scared lmao, and had my desktop in the game computer, this was one of the best games I've played on here so far

Yo this game was mad fun lol had me shook for a minute 

(1 edit) This was one of the best indie horror games ive played in a while lmao great game!