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I can try but its still pretty early so there's lots of little tweaks/additions/bug fixes all around. I'll def make posts when there are big updates, like lots of dialogue content or dating.

Not yet! I'm not even quite sure what I want dates to be yet haha

The latest build now has a money storm if you're below $20

I just updated it to the latest engine beta and disabled some multithreading options, it might be more stable now? These random crash bugs are difficult to track down.

I tried looking up some solutions but they're pretty basic: update gpu drivers and if you're on a laptop make sure its running on the dedicated gpu (if you have one). It's in godot 4 so it requires vulkan support which older gpus might not have.

If you go to %APPDATA%\Godot\app_userdata\modshopping

and delete money.tres, it'll respawn them all. You can also mess with the size values directly in modshopping_save.tres if you're feeling adventurous.

Got any ideas on what would be more fun than finding coins?

Cool! If you're still interested in sound design too I can show you around what I have so far, but I haven't touched sound at all yet in the game. Uh, if you have discord my contact info should be in my profile.

Would you be interested in making some mall-based music? I like the retro synth sound you have on recent tracks but I think I like the vibe of DX7BDY0 the most of what I listened to!

I am making a nsfw game if that's a no-no for you. The idea is to explore a mall while buying/finding/trading for products to tf yourself. I'm also very open to sound design help as that's all new to me haha