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Do you have an integrated gpu or amd/nvidia? The game requires vulkan which isn't supported on everything.

I had an issue at the time where if I didn't do the debug thing it just crashed haha.
Do you have an amd or nvidia gpu? It sounds like your system might not support vulkan.

Seems fine when I try. Can you try a different browser or the app?

Thanks for playing! I like exploring so I tried to make the place interesting even if there isn't all that much you can do.

It's interesting how much variation there is between what tf enthusiasts are into - to some people changing and growing all your genitals would be a lot of tf haha. I'm curious what are you more interested in, Species tf?

Forgot to reply until I found this tab oops.

I've had dating implemented for a while but hit a block with writing content for it. I may have been a bit too ambitious with letting you date everyone haha.

Might finish it up more later but don't count on it, sorry. Thanks for being interested!

Nope, sorry. I did did it a try a while ago and it just looked horrible, I think you need to plan for mobile a bit ahead of time (and design mobile controls).

Try looking up your gpu here . If it is there, try updating your drivers.

If it isn't there, sorry but the game requires vulkan.

I limited it based on your head (and the camera) clipping into the ceilings, if you're talking about overall size. Think I'd have to design the map with being really big in mind haha.

Thanks for playing!

Does your gpu support vulkan?

Does your gpu support vulkan?

Not much but trying a different computer, sorry.

I can try but its still pretty early so there's lots of little tweaks/additions/bug fixes all around. I'll def make posts when there are big updates, like lots of dialogue content or dating.

Not yet! I'm not even quite sure what I want dates to be yet haha

The latest build now has a money storm if you're below $20

I just updated it to the latest engine beta and disabled some multithreading options, it might be more stable now? These random crash bugs are difficult to track down.

I tried looking up some solutions but they're pretty basic: update gpu drivers and if you're on a laptop make sure its running on the dedicated gpu (if you have one). It's in godot 4 so it requires vulkan support which older gpus might not have.

If you go to %APPDATA%\Godot\app_userdata\modshopping

and delete money.tres, it'll respawn them all. You can also mess with the size values directly in modshopping_save.tres if you're feeling adventurous.

Got any ideas on what would be more fun than finding coins?

Cool! If you're still interested in sound design too I can show you around what I have so far, but I haven't touched sound at all yet in the game. Uh, if you have discord my contact info should be in my profile.

Would you be interested in making some mall-based music? I like the retro synth sound you have on recent tracks but I think I like the vibe of DX7BDY0 the most of what I listened to!

I am making a nsfw game if that's a no-no for you. The idea is to explore a mall while buying/finding/trading for products to tf yourself. I'm also very open to sound design help as that's all new to me haha