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Can't play it because I have no printer, but looks interesting.

GOTY 6/5

Fun game.

Scale the window up, add some kick-ass 16-bit music,  combos and you have a good 2d fighter (with cats).

Fighters fell off on the 2nd round, though, so I couldn't continue.

My favourite game from the jam so far.

Graphics, music: 5/5

Nothing to say. It's superb. (ESPECIALLY for a jam game, where graphics are not as important for one-man teams)

Gameplay: 4/5

Movement stopping when charging the jump makes the controls a lot more frustrating and adds a certain "fake" difficulty to the game, arising from harder controls and not the game.

Other than that,  a little improvement could be the slight blinking of the cat when charging the jump, would make it clearer. Other than that, slight blinking when charging jump would make it clearer that you're charging something up.

Fun concept, and can see it working wonderfully with proper execution.

However there are still some things that would make it much better:

  • Proper view of TD part, bottom lane isn't seen
  • Some reaction to being attacked, other than red numbers
  • More towers, as to give some strategic depth
  • Fix wobbly camera, or just add First-Person view

All of these are because of lack of time, though, so great job on the game. An ambitious project for 3 days. You should keep going, it's a quite unique concept and has potential to be a lot of fun.

Beautiful game, but somewhat empty.  Here are some suggestions: 

  • Make the environment more interactive, let players interact with cat, as beside feeding and cleaning it up, you're just staring at the cat.
  • Another suggestion would be to make cat more animated, to make it feel alive.

All in all, beautiful art and music, but a bit lacking in gameplay, even for a tamagotchi.

Good old shooter. Add bosses every 10 waves or so, and let player gain bonuses for collecting good cats. 
As a bug report, you can escape the game, and ignore it all together and just watching baddies go by.