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The scares are well-placed but the atmosphere could be improved. I loved it though, there is just something about mannequins that scare me. The ending is quite sad though... I sure hope this isn't completely accurate to what schizophrenic people experience cuz holy shit this scared me a lot!

My small brain couldn't figure out the game. Thanks to all the videos posted here for helping me get through the hard parts :>
Ayos yung game mo po, need lang talaga ng polishing sa start~ Keep up the good work!

Love the concept and design of this game. I hope you polish this up (maybe even make into a full game? :3) cuz I want to see more of this kind of games~!

I seem to have downloaded version 1. I can't find the version 3 on the download page.

I want to see more of this game!

Very cute game. I'd offer myself to the Bunny too!

I only got 3 endings... I wonder what the "secret" ending is? Pretty fun bus waiting simulator though!

Love the style of this game but the walking felt a bit too tedious. The atmosphere is good though just kinda lacking in scares, imo. Still enjoyed it, the lore is pretty interesting, as well!

Love the art, music, plot, and (most importantly) the memes! This game is gonna make you emotional if you can relate to the characters. Great work as always and thank you for this game!

Really interesting concept! I love how it changes the perspective and becomes an entirely different game hahaha Would love to see more games like this

Great graphics, audio, and ambience! I'm a bit lost on the story though!

Love the art style and gameplay. Really reminded me of old RE/Biohazard! Still a bit confused about the story though but then again it's still a demo haha Would love to play the full game when it comes out!

The art style, music, and story are really good! It made me tear up a bit because I could relate to some of the stuff the MC was going through.

Loved the pixel art style and the ambience. Idk why but the uhhh weird mecha-ish person(?) made me laugh 

I like the concept but I would've loved to see more of this game. 

This just proves that real people are scarier than supernatural beings cuz they can actually kill you but this maniac was an exception. They were very polite and gentle. Joking aside, the darkness and sounds are the strongest elements of this game. I wouldn't mind a full version of this kind of horror in the future :)

Pretty straightforward game. I thought the audio was pretty good for setting up the atmosphere but the jump scare wasn't as good since the player's focus would be on running away instead of looking at the Primary Color Man.  Would love to see more! I hope this becomes a full game. 

I like how it shifted from just picking which are alternates to actually encountering one. It was fun! Thanks! 

It's got good scares. Idk why I'm scared though... I like how this kinda reminds me of the whole "Stairs in the woods" thing. The slide was a lot of fun tho!

I prefer this over Dora any day. I wish there was more to the story though. Still enjoyed it! 

Scared the shit out of me. It started out somewhat normal then unexpected shit started to pop up here and there... Great game, had a lot of good scares, the build up was also pretty good, and it gave me a phobia of babies.
10/10 gave me a cold from the chills!

Mhmm.. Definitely a fresh take on horror games. This just made buying real-estate scary for me. 10/10 would buy the house [AGENT NAME] recommends though!

Really enjoyed the game! Just adding a bit of distortion to the pictures really made it scary for me or maybe it's the atmosphere... I don't really understand but I had a blast with this game!
But one question remains unanswered... Did I get the job?

Great game. 10/10 gave me existential crisis.

Very well-made game. Playing this late at night definitely gives it a more "creepy" feeling but somehow kinda romantic too... Or was it just me?