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It feels like they're tag teaming me.  Pretty fun game though. Have a Merry Christmas.

Very unique, and challenging game. I had to get used to the jumps and the spikes. The background radio sounds almost got me to believe that it was an ad playing separately on my computer. Other then that, Great Job!

This comedic horror game is great! Even though I kept losing, I had a blast playing this! Keep it up!  The voices were entertaining.

This game is a lot of fun! I'm loving the animation.

This was SCARY fun!! Is Marge...okay?

I want to play the game, but I can't. When I downloaded it, all I got was an empty folder.

I've never played a game that gave me a good jump scare like that.  Nicely done.  I also didn't know that that was an actual song.

I wouldn't call this game a horror game, but the jump scares are good. And the game is fun.  Here's what I've recorded.

This game has been mixture of fun and jump scares. I had a great time playing it. Awesome work!

This game is amazing! The pixel graphics reminds me of the old school computer games. But this was fun. Now I have to get used to using the keyboard and mouse. Here's a video.