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today mark the 1year and 7months since the last chapter release I'm pretty sure we are going to have to wait until the 2year mark for it unless the developer wants to prove me wrong

If you want it kinky then try PROUD FATHER its very new but really good, for more play time then DARK MAGIC. Now if you want plot then try RADIANT its new but good, again for more play time then SISTERLY LUST. Hope you try one or all of these and enjoy your time with them.

I thank you allot for the update and I will donate some as thanks for this as well.

Why is there no more updates for Android im willing to pay for them please help me out with this im begging you

Ok tanks for the reply and keep the awesome work 

Hey is the game of my new memories for patrons only because I can't find it and I would like to give it a try 

I downloaded the app file but there was some kind of error I can't open the file at all