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your welcome thanks for the awesome gaming experience 

you are very talented at making games I'm 34 and have been playing rpg's since I was in my single digits and I really like your work you have something that other creators lack being able to draw or have someone on your team that can draw is a plus having amazing 3d graphics doesn't hold a candle to a good story and fun battle system with good characters that actually grow during the game an rpg is like a journey and your supposed to grow with it that's what I've always believed and really don't care if people think I sound corny keep doing what your doing you might make the next xenogears or chrono trigger one day you are that talented.

I'm definitely enjoying this unique and awesome game rpgs are my favorite hobby and some of the best games I've played are the free rpg maker ones.

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This game is very good I love the music and the custom graphics the characters are gorgeous I love the face graphics and the environments look stunning and that battle system is great too this is scratching that itch I've had for a new rpg experience I hope to see more from this developer maybe something commercial if this is what you can do for free I'd only imagine how good a commercial project will turn out thanks for the great experience.