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Free rocket league

Yep, it works in any other game

Umm, download?

Nahh my ps3 controller works on any game except this one

Umm I tried with both Keyboard and Ps3 Controller, but it doesn't seem to work? All I can do is move up and down with my ps3 move thingy, but when I press X or start it doesn't enter or do anything??/

... No keyboard and mouse?

"Press  Start" there isn't a start button my friend...

This game is pretty good, battlefield 3 jets but its own game. Don't stop working on it!

Why don't we have WASD to move :(

Did the project die? :(

When I type "Yes" it types nothing in the game, I tried typing everything and nothing showed up, its like it stopped working without actually the error or notification as it didn't freeze