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Ha! I had this same concept. I appreciate the experimentation!

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(Demo version)

A fresh take on an old favorite. This Is by far the most visually striking version of misfortune to date. 

Runs smooth, and is an enjoyable experience from start to finish. 

Doesn't overstay it's welcome you can beat it in about 15 to 20 minutes but there are some spots that really make you think, and there are some extra goodies to find along the way (or perhaps hunt on a second or third playthrough.)

With the amount of Polish poured into this in Dev. Build (6/1/24) I'm eager to see the final result, and conclusion to the overarching storyline.

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Same place you click to build ROM has build web, (you have to compress this "web" folder to a zip file after its complete (to be able to post it to itch))

I am also working on splatterhouse gb!!! Also In Gbs!! (But mine is just a mini game in a huge RPG that lets you play a bunch of different mini games)


Love it, 

mine is shrank, (yours is 16 tall mine is 8 tall) yours may have issues with more enemie types added (Sprite tile limits)

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Hey! Thank you!!! I'm Glad you liked it, this was my first gameboy game. I would definitely do those those types of improvements, if I do a part 2.

.... I see where that line of thinking is ... Nope definitely didn't know, smh

Lol sorry, tale

Siiiick! Jealous of your 3d, (all my games are 2d)

Oh sick, lots of people love undertail! 

(IM making an earthbound like RPG currently! I feel ya)

So Long as it's fun to make, and fun to play, you won as the developer 

I see you're taking major liberties (I stuck play by play with the creepy pasta) 

Can't wait to see how yous differs from mine!

Keep at it!!

Well done

oh that's what you were making?! Nice!!!

ah ha! I thought it was the same! That makes sense, thank you for the reply!

Did the elephant come from GB studio?

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(j is correct) It's looking for 13 presses in like a span of 1 or 2 seconds. It's near impossible. But I confirmed working on real hardware more then once (this was my first Gameboy game, not alot of animation lol, I'm way better now, the current game I'm working on is hugeeee and full of love and polish)

Same if you go do the swim Easter egg. (13 presses near impossible.)

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Thanks, it is intentional, (most People who come to my games pages, dont have account/ don't know how itch works, and they used to ask in the comments "can I get a download of this" when i would do them in the same post. 

So I do them separately and link them together in the description)

(Side benefit is separate analytics on views, and click through)

Glad to hear it! And I'm glad you liked it ☺️

follow the paths off the screen to the new screens. Search every cabin. You're looking for 

keys battery gass truck


fuse, fuse box telephone cops

Item Spawn Locations are random per playthrough 

Okay I'm back after creating (porting) my first font. Excellent little tool I will use this all the time

I'll be testing tonight if it works I'll use this all the time to make my gameboy fonts real

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I also did not find the mod I posted to be  intuitive (However I did eventually figure it all out)

But I really like you reason! That's the way to do it!! don't let anything stop you!!

Keep it up, I'll be watching your work 

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For five bones this is actually worth it, because of all of the scripting work being done with lovely palette swapping representing the different times of the day.

Though there are free mods that can allow you to do the same thing and more if you're willing to put in the work. Many users would find far more than $5 worth of value in this template

(free alternative, I mentioned)

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Do it! I only did it as practice. (I wanTed to make a game for a franchise I never played. Cuz old devs used to make games about movies they never saw) just call it something different! (Like arrival or what have you!)

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That's dope I made a gb port of this too ... (mine is used as the "only for Gameboy color" screen in a jrpg I'm working on for gbc.)

You should redo this now that they have a platformer mode and text mod. In GB studio. (Mines a near perfect port, but I'm not going to release a standalone)

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Lol gb studio can't make GBA games. 🤣 I wish.. (I can only make gb/gbc games with gbstudio, And 2d windows 64bit exe games in "game maker 8"

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I did, (using gbstudio) I just won't post it here on itch. I don't want the ROMs confuse. (Because this version has retro achievements (on retro and I don't know how to make retro achievements for the new version lol) If you have discord or an email I'll send you the rom For original .gb

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do you have discord? I already have a gb version I made little while back for another uses request. I'll send it to you. 

(Someone created "retro achievements" for this version, and I don't want the ROMs to get confused For eachother. so, I didn't/don't post the gb version on itch)

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Sorry for the long delay in response thank you, i can confirm. fixed the problem.

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Absolutely loving it so far!!!! But ... Did you know it breaks the shoot-'em up mode?

(camera doesn't follow until the player gets all the way to the right of the screen. The bug is Repeatable even in a fresh build of the demo template. Without making any other change simply adding the plug in breakes the sh'mup stage)

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Hey thanks! I'm currently working on my most ambitious project yet. (Misfortune is/ was actually just a mini game/ Easter egg, from this project, and I wanted to create the self-contained version, so that people that don't find the Easter egg can still play it)

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You can escape the same way as the PS4/ pç game 

keys, gass, battery, truck


fuse, fuse box, phone, police 

locations are random per round

I like the Atari look you have going on. Keep up the good work.

High quality font as always keep up the good work

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Figure out how to get into the back rooms? Also everything is randomly hidden, and slendy has random ai as well, like the source game, for unlimited reply value 

It has to be .mod format with 1-4 channels to import otherwise you can make tunes in gbs itself.

Must play game for gbc, and the cart has the coolest gimmick. Grate dev.

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Love it. The concept and execution! Fist ending in 30 min. I'm in loooove 

sequel required 

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It sure can, but I don't consider it worth the 15$ I would rather use taco as I only want terra the terraria demake.

Will it run on rg351v?

The future is always open. slender man and I will probably cross paths again