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kobeni quits devil hunting then joins ddr competition at local arcade

this is the type of games I like, I don't care about the graphics or the realism, I just want good gameplay, coherent events/situations/monologue/dialogue are good enough for a 5 star review for me haha

how do i change the turning speed? or turning sensitivity? 

Cool! but why does it delete itself when it doesnt respond, this is my 3rd download lmao

Ok thank you

hi! is does this game support gamepad?

its good, but why do i get stuck on some surfaces such as rocks and whatever the hell i can bump into

gods of China community · Created a new topic worth?

I dont know I havent played it yet, please  post a vid of the gameplay

because uh, the hearts is the crazy unhinged porpol hair lady's love

the wolfs are teenagers you kill, without the heart you would kill NOT for her, but for you

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AHHHH ITS SO BEAUTIFUL, IT MADE ME LAUGH AND CRY, but i feel hella stupid since i dont understand anything sports related i'm a human slug (i dont know what that means, it kinda made sense in my head) and uh does it have multiple endings? or just the one with  knife baby and Diya, i forgot knife baby's name

wym? I think the hearts play of a big part, or you were saying something else?

Love it!! I finished the game and it took me 1 hour :(

i suck at games and im not really a gamer soooo

I loved the ending (what a twist!) !!! I know this game is old and stuff (lol i dont whats it about old games but they're very cool and have this feel about them, like assualtcube and or cube 2 saurbraten) but its still good.