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started reading it looks great and interesting

Hell yeah thanks for this

Well, I've run FIST so for me I like to have a narrative world going on around my games. My FIST is set between from 1960s to 2010s. So maybe Edge Zero Force can be set in the future when FIST failed multiple times

So World of Dungeon is a PbtA game where most of its mechanics relies mostly on the players action. So If you are taking that bugbear you can keep the health, armor, and damage die no need for the other stats. Since the monster only react based on the result of the dice roll. 

In the wizards magic I think you will be the one to come up with other spells

Hello there, my so my ttrpg group just picked up Monster Guts. Just wondering if there might be some future updates on this game and other clarifications on some rulings too?

Hello, are there still seats available?

After years of wanting to try out the game, I finally bought it. Hopefully I can run it well.

If i buy this will I also get the pets and hats?