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Thanks for even trying the game we made. But infinite thanks for leaving a comment. We didn't had the time to make it playable. We rushed the submission like 5 hours before deadline lmao. 

Also, just a disclaimer that we worked on it as a team. I'm just the one to submit it. We're doing a jam now so if it is not that much, maybe you can spare a few minutes :)))


* crosses arms


In TTS speech: We heard you, metaphorically.

You only need the platform to win :)))

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If you want a proper level, just leave a comment and tell the stuff you want to see. The game was originally for the Quarantine Game Jam lasting for 60 hours that will end in a day and a half; at least the rating period. 

Confession: I was to upload the game to the jam but didn't notice that I uploaded the files wrongly. Oof.

Edit: Thanks to the jam admins especially to NightWatcher for our reconsideration to submit.

Oh ok. Congrats btw. I'll check it sometime. Thanks for the reply.

Yeah I am connected but it's blocking apps like steam so I am not sure if that's a problem. Thanks for the fast reply. I'll try again this night. I loved how this project is still going on in contrast to other discontinued games that have potential. I'll make sure to inform you again.

Is the game still alive?

The  game is loading  really long in my 4gb lappy. Can't I run it?

Please make it compatible with the app

Yeah XD

The game is working. Good job!

The game doesn't loop back to the main menu. Also, you could add a point system so the players can play over and over again. I personally find it more awesome if you can add some verticality to it like a second floor. Additional audio cues can also make the game more lively. Overall, nice concept 

(Oh don't mind me. Just a stupid person going through)

It's pretty cool. Just needs a lot of polishing. I want more :)

1) Adjust the sound volume. It could hurt headphone/earphone users.

2) Add a health indicator next time

3) Add some light related stuff since that's the theme

4)  The attack mechanism is not consistent. I get 2 balls then I lose 1 when I attack (I don't know if that's your design)

5) Camera should be top view (Just my opinion lolz)

I find it fun overall but you could've added some checkpoint d*mn it. I was having fun until I started all over again XD 

Nice prototype. Hope it turns out great

I think both. Try playing it youself with earphones

It's nice but the sound is terrible. Not because it doesn't sound good but because the volume is not calibrated right. People who will play the game with earphones will be earraped as soon as the game starts. This is serious as it can cause hearing damage. Please fix the volume.

Is this Dark Souls? It's too hard lol

Just want you to know someone appreciated it lol. Seriously, I found the art cool but the stars are a bit rushed haha. It's a bit displeasing to the eye, Peace

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I know it's still in development but the attack button is a bit hard to press. Should be away from the WASD buttons for easy controls. 

Edited: I also don't know if this is officially released but is the player really supposed to be trapped? 

Works for me though

I think 90-95% will do. Already a bit loud when 20/100 in my PC. Just my opinion

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WARNING!!! The SFX. It's so loud. Please remove your earphones before proceeding and minimize your sound to at least 2. Fix the sound please. It can cause ear damage.